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The Legacy Center opens a school

By August 4, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Its the first of August and this summer at the Legacy Center has been busy- packing and unpacking, moving locations (2 times), hosting Legacy’s annual professional hockey post-season mini-camp, building a new gym, writing a technical manual and organizing our first 4-day course… Clinical Application for Sport Training and Therapy scheduled to begin Thursday Aug. 7th.

We re-started our group exercise program two weeks ago once the new carpet was laid, and after the seminar this week concludes, its time to plan the curriculum of courses tentatively scheduled for Dallas at Legacy’s new school including the 2015 ELDOA conference scheduled for April. Emma Lane and Dr. Cliff Oliver are just two of the presenters/workshops that we plan to invite.

Legacy’s monthly Wellness Program will get started in September with a monthly group meetings featuring…evening lectures about a wellness topic combined with goal-settin…group exercise classes scheduled throughout the month, designed to support the transition of each person from their current state of being to a State of Optimal Wellness using the foundational principles established at the Center.

More intensive workshops and training immersions for both practitioners and sportsmen are on the playlist as well, with a few spectacular locations scouted outside of the state and serving as host venues (wink-wink you skiers!). And finally, you can expect to see a new TV channel broadcast from the Legacy Center where we plan to share our information beyond the four walls of the physical location in Dallas.

We welcome your inquires and questions and look forward to hearing from you, or even better, SEEING your smiling face in class soon! 

General Exercise Class

General ELDOA Class

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