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By December 23, 2011December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

When my friend used that expression the other day, I laughed myself silly. She did so on purpose: combining two well-worn phrases that speak to how easy something is supposed to be when compared with something that is really difficult.

I laugh every time I even think about my new favorite phrase. And I’ve been thinking about it alot.
Surgery is the removal of something that doesn’t belong, is life-threatening, impedes something vital…it is cutting out a toxic thing.
A rocket is meant for infinity and beyond, goes to the moon, shoots to the stars…it is fireworks in the night sky.
I would like you to think now about what stands in the way of your happiness, peace of mind, serenity, joy, love, calmness, accomplishment, acceptance of self. Think about how you would feel, could feel, if you cut out that toxic thought or belief that roots you to the very spot in which you stand.
Cut out the disempowering meme. Think differently. Feel your potential. Immerse in your purpose. Envelop yourself in unconditional love and take the rocket ride of your life.
Perhaps all happiness requires is a little ‘rocket surgery’.