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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News September 8, 2023

Legacy Sport & Wellness Club News


Sept. 9.   9:30 ELDOA Wellness Workout.
No on-line workout.

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Sept. 16, 23, 30. To be Announced

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October 7:  No Class

Legacy News

In this month’s Newsletter/Invite to Class email, we are expanding certain sections so people can better understand our system and our approach to getting people better.

If you’ve been around Scott for any length of time, you’ve heard him discuss how the medical system has become more specialized, while at the same time becoming more general.  What does that mean?

It means that the health systems are larger than ever before…that means more patients within the system, and the practitioners who work within the system are so highly specialized in their field they do not know how to work in a holistic system, but the body is holistic.

For example, when you go to your practitioner, you will either receive the same general test that everyone else receives or a battery of specific tests, but in either case, due to the size of the system, the

treatments are often very general.  For example, Scott has seen an ACL rehabilitation for professional athletes and an ACL rehabilitation for a gen-pop patient and the two are very similar.  However, the needs of their new knee structure and their individual goals are completely different.  It was for this reason, that we built our model – Legacy Sport & Wellness:  A Center of Excellence.

Our approach is centered around three pillars:

  1. Structure governs function
  2. Biochemistry and nutrition
  3. Education

Each person who visits the Center gets a customized program and we use education to help them understand why they need to use select exercises, while emphasizing the quality of the training.  How you train, the quality of your training, is in direct link to the outcome of your program.

The Group Exercise Program that we created is nearly two decades old.  It is unlike any group program and, over the course of the following months, we will feature different parts of this program.

For today, what’s important to know, is that group exercise is not meant to replace a customized Home Program.  A class is to support the program or to help a client maintain upon completion of their Home Program.  You cannot take a group class and expect to fix your problem.

The keystone group workout in our group exercise Program is ELDOA for Wellness.  To learn more about the ELDOA, click the link below:



Student Practitioners  & SomaTraining Texas: The Fall-Winter Education Calendar is in the process of being determined. Tentative list of courses include ELDOA 3 for Hip, Shoulder, Ribs (dates Oct. 13-15th.)


Other classes in Dallas and Host facilities include Strapping, Fascia Normalization Upper Limb,  2TLS Upper Limb, Myo-fascial Stretching (MFS), ELDOA 4.

 Client Education: Exercise tutorials will return this Fall. Tutorials will be paired with select Anatomy Lessons featured in the Newsletter:

The two-hour Sauna Tutorial will be scheduled for a date in September.  This tutorial now includes Cold Exposure and how to integrate it safely into your wellness or sports training program..

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

The Recovery Center has two new services:  FLASH Sauna and Cold Exposure.

  A Flash Sauna is typically one round in the Sauna following an exercise session.  The effects of a Flash Sauna are not the same as 3 rounds of Classic Sauna.  To learn more about the benefits of heat exposure and dry sauna, enroll in Legacy’s Sauna Training Workshop

You can add either of these features to your sauna card when you schedule a session at the Lifestyle & Recovery Center.

Guided and private Sauna Sessions are available through Claudia in the Business Office.

For a preview:

The Water Bar is restocked and a new Mineral Water includes St. Geron, a naturally carbonated water from France.

Cases of water and the Legacy Six-Pack are available for purchase in the Lifestyle Center.

Other Legacy News

New to the weekly newsletter, Anatomy Lesson. Anatomy Chains:  Fascia is the Link

In this month’s Newsletter, we feature an Anatomy Lesson.  Client Education is a foundational pillar in the Center’s Paradigm. It plays a key role in why people get better.

The purpose of the section:  Anatomy Lesson is to educate clients about How Their Body Works, and to better understand that not all exercise is the same!

For that, the training needs to be customized to the person, their body, and their specific needs/goals.

The first step is a comprehensive knowledge of the descriptive human anatomy and its relations.

Below is a structure we nickname “the octopus”.

Question 1:  What is the anatomical structure in the drawing?

Question 2:  Locate and name the eight parts of the octopus:

Hint – direct tendon of rectus femoris, reflex tendon of rectus femoris, the current tendon of rectus femoris, tendon of gluteus medius, tendon of pectineus, tendon of psoas, tendon of obturator internus, tendon of piriformis.

Sports News

In professional football, the HBO series Hard Knocks featured the New York Jets in their Training Camp last month.

Besides their Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers being the centerpiece of the show, the Defensive Line played a big role in the first two episodes.

Both Legacy athletes, Solomon Thomas and John Franklin Myers, play a big role in the Jets defensive line this year.

This week, Scott traveled to New Jersey to get Solomon and John “dialed in” for week one of the season, which begins this weekend on Sunday night football.


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