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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News September 27, 2023

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Legacy Sport & Wellness Weekly News- Invite to Class

In this addition:

September Exercise Calendar and News
Legacy News:
Wellness News
Sporting News
Lifestyle and Recovery Center
Education News

September – October Exercise Calendar and Information

Sept 30. 9:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout


No on-line workout on the 30th.

October 7. No Class

October 14 Class Time to be Announced

Pre- recorded workouts can now be found on the website.  Click the link-


Save on group class workouts with a Group Class Card.


Semi-Private Group Workout Series

A number of people in our community have expressed interest in a series of small Semi-Private Workouts specific to training of the Hip and Pelvis. Class times and fees will be finalized for October. If you have interest in this Semi-Private session or enrolling in the Series, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

Saturday, October 14, there will be an ELDOA Group Workout, but the start time has yet to be determined due to a weekend Certification Course at Legacy.

Legacy News


As part of our “Return to Play” from Back Pain program, we’ve added a new piece of equipment used specifically to strengthen the muscles of the spine without injuring the joints of the low back and pelvis region. Clients with personal programs are welcome to schedule time to come in and use the new equipment. In one of the upcoming Open Gym sessions, Scott will do a brief tutorial on how to incorporate this tool into a regular Training Program.

In next month’s Weekly Email, a new section will be introduced as part of the Lifestyle and Recovery Center. We call it The Training Table.

Sporting News

Professional Hockey pre-season camps across North America are underway with the start of the regular season approaching quickly.

The ELDOA and SomaTraining have grown in popularity among players and teams due to the prevalence of low back pain, spine and over-use injuries. This past summer, in the off-season, several players and staff members traveled to Dallas for training, personal programs, or education courses.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

The Lifestyle and Recovery Center at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is a place where clients and athletes can purchase the necessary products and resources they use in their personal program.

New to the Lifestyle Center this month, Tensoplast Tape, a very high quality tape that can be used for quick one-day Straps or chronic over-use syndromes, such as femoral patella syndrome.

This month we introduced a new feature in the recovery center:   Flash Sauna.

A Flash sauna is not a Classic Sauna session or sauna training.   A Flash Sauna is a quick sauna session with an entirely different objective than the Classic Sauna we use with many clients.

A Flash Sauna is a brief sauna used immediately following a workout session. Typically, a workout concludes with some Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA and then a client enters the Sauna, which stimulates blood flow, increases vaso-dilation, and begins the recovery process.

To learn more about incorporating our new Flash Sauna or Classic Sauna training, contact Claudia about a private session or enrolling in our Sauna Workshop.

Education News:

The Upper Limb courses, Fascia and 2TLS, have been rescheduled after the first of the year.

Strapping dates will be finalized this week and registration for enrollment will be up on the Legacy website.

ELDOA 3 Comprehensive Training of the Hip, Shoulder Girdle Complex and Ribcage is scheduled for October 13-15th .

Enrolment information below:


Other fall/winter education courses the School plans to host include:

Strapping (class size is limited), Strengthening of the Upper Limb and Trunk, ELDOA 4: Comprehensive Training of the Pelvis, Sacro- iliac and Pelvic Axes, Myofascial Stretching (SomaTraining format) and Myofascial Stretching Level 1 (New Comprehensive Format), Pumping of the Upper Limb and TMJ, Pumping of the Trunk and Pelvis, ELDOA 1&2 Combination Comprehensive (the ELDOA postures of the Spine), Sauna Certification Course..

If you have additional requests, contact Claudia in the education office.

For Certified ELDOA Practitioners, the Continuing Education Program begins January 1, 2024. Continuing Education Credits are required to maintain an active status in the eldoavoyer website. Contact Claudia if you have questions about the Continuing Education Program and credits.


Legacy Month in Review

Solomon Thomas and John Franklin Myers of the New York Jets start their NFL Season.

Lagi T wins the Women’s Gold Medal at the Discus in the World Championships and places second in Oregon.


NHL pre-season begins.

Sources close to Legacy have confirmed that sales of the iPhone 12 in France have been banned due to radiation concerns.

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