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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News September 14, 2023

Legacy Sport & Wellness Weekly News- Invite to Class

In this addition:

September Exercise Calendar and News
Legacy News:
Wellness News
Sporting News
Lifestyle and Recovery Center
Education News

September Exercise Calendar

Sept 16th. No Workout
Sept 23 & 30th TBA

Pre- recorded workouts can now be found on the website.

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Legacy News


In the New York Times this week an article was written titled:

The Tissue That Connects Our Muscles May Be a Key to Better Health

Fascia is not new; in fact, there are many types of fasciae within our bodies and the role the fascia plays has been a focus within our exercise and training programs at Legacy Sport & Wellness for nearly two decades.

Why is this important to know?

Connective tissue is rich with receptors, which give the nervous system a lot of information about the tissues within our bodies.  Connective tissue, fasciae, has many roles within the body, one being structural organization. You cannot function optimally if your structure is in a state of disorganization.

All of our exercise and training respects this tissue, but two modalities in particular are the ELDOA and myofascial stretching.

Sporting News

The National Football League officially started the season last  week with its conclusion on Monday Night Football with a matchup between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills.

If you missed the game, the Jets won in overtime and the defense was the star of the game after Aaron Rogers went down with an achilles injury. Both John Franklyn Myers and Solomon Thomas played well, In fact, John played the best game of the defensive line Monday night with 4 tackles and 1 sack


Solomon, John, and New York Jets travel to Dallas this week for a Sunday night game with the Dallas Cowboys.  If you plan to watch the game, Solomon is #94 and John is # 91.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

This month we introduced a new feature in the recovery center:   Flash Sauna.

A Flash sauna is not a Classic sauna session or sauna training.   A Flash sauna is a quick sauna session with an entirely different objective than the Classic sauna we use with many clients.

To learn more about incorporating Dry Sauna into your wellness or sports performance program, contact Claudia in the business office.

Coming next month, the next addition to the newsletter:  The Training Table & Chef Corey.

The Training Table is Where Wellness and Sports Performance Begin!

Education News

SomaTraining and ELDOA Education is back at Legacy Sport Wellness, October 13-15:

ELDOA 3 Comprehensive Training of the Hip, Shoulder Girdle Complex and Ribcage.

Click for Enrollment Information 

Other fall education courses we plan to host include:

Strapping (class size is limited), Fascia Normalization of the Upper Limb & TMJ, 2TLS of the Upper Limb and TMJ, Strengthening of the Upper Limb,  ELDOA 4: Comprehensive Training of the Pelvis, Sacro- iliac and Pelvic Axes, Myofascial Stretching (SomaTraining format) and Myofascial Stretching Level 1 (New Comprehensive Format).

Summer school was so well received Legacy/SomaTraining Texas plans to host a winter school in a similar format (multiple courses and days back-to-back). Courses and dates are in the works.

Other spring courses include, Strapping  (2nd time), Cardio and Physical Conditioning & Sauna (SomaTraining), Squat.

If you have additional requests, contact Claudia in the education office.

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