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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News October 4, 2023

Greetings to everyone who is part of the Legacy Sport & Wellness community.

In this week’s email, please note the additional Group Workouts in the Exercise Calendar section and the return of Open Sauna Sessions.

The month of October is dedicated to the subject of mental health.

Solomon Thomas and his parents Chris and Martha, have been a part of our community for a number of years. Solomon, #94, is a defensive tackle for the New York Jets professional football team. He and his family established The Defensive Line, a Foundation that is dedicated “ to help build a world in which no young person of color dies by suicide.”

Mental health is a complex topic that requires a multi-disciplinary approach. As part of one’s mental health care program, Regular exercise and optimal food choices are essential components in our paradigm at Legacy Sport & Wellness.

Join a community of individuals who aspire to live well and be well – Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Weekly News- Invite to Class

In this addition:

Monthly Exercise Calendar and News
Legacy News:
Sports Performance
The Lifestyle and Recovery Center
Education News

October Exercise Calendar and Information

October 7. No Class

Pre- recorded workouts can now be found on the website.  Click the link-


October 14 Early Start Time
9-10:00 am. ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
10:15 am Chef Corey Catered Breakfast $30.00

October 15 Added Workout
7:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
Use a Group Class Card or Drop In $25.00

October 21. Time To be determined

October 28 Saturday Morning Workout

Save on group class workouts with a Group Class Card.


Once you have a Group Class Card, you use the Link on our website under eShop, Make a Registration, to let us know you are coming and use one of your pre-paid workouts:

Semi-Private Group Workout Series
A number of people in our community have expressed interest in a series of small Semi-Private Workouts specific to training of the Hip and Pelvis. Class times and fees will be finalized for October. If you have interest in this Semi-Private session or enrolling in the Series, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

Legacy News


October is Mental Health Awareness Month.

To read more about what Solomon and the NFL are doing regarding mental health:

Solomon Thomas’ Foundation: The Defensive Line –“ to help build a world in which no young person of color dies by suicide.”


Mental Wellness Tip: Start some form of daily exercise and make it a routine going forward. Improve the quality of the food you eat; purchase and cook whole, nutrient dense foods and limit your intake of simple sugars and processed foods. Eliminate all foods that contain gluten.

Sports and Performance News

Many of you may remember the videos of Max Domi when he played for the Dallas Stars. Domi, now with the Toronto Maple Leafs, was a frequent visitor at Legacy Sport & Wellness, spending several hours a day working on his body in the gym or Recovery Center with Scott, with Cleo for soft tissue work, or in the Sauna.

To see what Max is doing now and how he has been received in his hometown of Toronto, click the link.


If you missed Sunday Night Football, John Franklin Myers, # 91, and Solomon Thomas, # 94, of the New York Jets both played good defensive games. Although John and Solomon are unable to be at our Center during the season, they both follow regular Home Programs while playing in New Jersey.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

New: Tensoplast Tape
Tensoplast Tape, a very high quality tape, can be used for quick one-day Straps or chronic over-use syndromes, such as femoral patella syndrome. We have multiple sizes of Tensoplast Tape for purchase in our store.

Open Sauna Returns:
Saturday, Oct. 14 6 to 8:00 pm Fee $25.00 plus Towel Service
Sunday, Oct. 15 4:30 to 7:00 pm. Fee $25.00 plus Towel Service

A Flash Sauna is not a Classic Sauna session or sauna training.  A Flash Sauna is a quick sauna session with an entirely different objective than the Classic Sauna we use with many clients.

A Flash Sauna is a brief sauna used immediately following a workout session. Typically, a workout concludes with some Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA and then a client enters the Sauna, which stimulates blood flow, increases vaso-dilation, and begins the recovery process.

To learn more about incorporating our new Flash Sauna or Classic Sauna training, contact Claudia about a private session or enrolling in our Sauna Workshop.

Sauna Certification Course is scheduled for Dec. 1st at 4:30 pm.★-texas/sauna-certification-course-december-1-2023/

Education News

October 13, 14 and 15th : ELDOA 3 Comprehensive Training of the Hip, Shoulder Girdle Complex and Ribcage

Enrolment information below:


December 1: Comprehensive Sauna Certification Course: 4:30-9:00 pm

Enrollment Link:★-texas/sauna-certification-course-december-1-2023/

December 2 and 3rd : Strapping Certification Course

Enrollment Link:★-texas/practical-strapping-for-sports-pathologies-fall-2023/

October 5-8: ELDOA Certification Level 5.2

ELDOA Comprehensive Program Website:

For Certified ELDOA Practitioners, the Continuing Education Program begins January 1, 2024. Continuing Education Credits are required to maintain an active status in the eldoavoyer website. Contact Claudia if you have questions about the Continuing Education Program and credits.


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