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By February 12, 2013December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and thoughts are turning to love or sex or both!

I’ve been having a dialogue about intention and sex.  It started with a question:  if intention is everything, what about intention and sex?  I think sex is a necessary and wonderful part of life.  Sex is not love although it can be a consequence of love.  People, especially women, get confused,  about sex and love.  Both can be complicated.

I think sex becomes complicated because we feel we must give it meaning.  Society and religion frown upon having sex in order to enjoy our body and someone else’s.  So we have to convince ourselves the sex means something…it’s love, the sign of a relationship, an act between soul mates, the beginning of a life together. We don’t want to be viewed as promiscuous, callous, easy, a “love ’em and leave ’em” kind of person.

Does our soul require that sex mean something?  Is sex without love something our soul can’t understand…an emptiness created from physical intimacy without spiritual intimacy?  Sex is creative energy.  The more sex you have with someone, the bigger that energy becomes.  It creates a force of its own.  Does this create a spiritual intimacy?  Is it enough without love?  Does it create a certain kind of love?

Can you give the soul what it requires, without ‘being in love’, if the intention is to be with another person, without expectation, in joy, without judgement, for the pleasure you can create and share together?

I hope so.


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