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A Healthy Immune System

By November 4, 2014February 4th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

What is the immune system?  The short answer is that part of your body which protects you from illness…your defense against all the disease-causing microbes that can enter your body and cause harm.  You have the immune system you are born with called the innate system.  The second part of your immune system develops as you grow.  this is known as immunity and gives you protection against specific pathogens.

The innate system is found in many places in your body.  The first line of defense is your skin which is a waterproof barrier that bars bacteria, viruses and microbes from entering your body.  You have body cavities such as the nose and mouth which are lined with mucous membranes.  The sticky mucus produced in these cavities can trap bacteria and keep them from entering.  Gastric juice produced by the stomach has a high acidity which helps kill off many of the bacteria in food.  Saliva washes pathogens off you teeth and helps reduce other germs in your mouth.

A second line of defense steps in should pathogens manage to get through these initial defense systems.  Most of these are present in your blood, either as specialized white blood cells or as chemicals released by your cells and tissues.  Part of this second line of defense involves the activation of lymphocytes which are found in your blood and in specialized lymph tissue such as lymph nodes, the spleen and the thymus.  Bone marrow, tonsils, and the lymphyatic tissue in the bowel and in other mucous membranes of the body are also immune organs.

With winter upon us, all you hear is advertisements for flu shots.  Everyone has an opinion about whether flu shots are safe.  Understand that the delivery system for most flu shots is mercury, which is a toxin to the body and can weaken the immune system…the very thing you need to have strong in order to fend off viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

There is a good anti-viral/microbial program you can adopt now to help protect you from pathogens and beef up your immune system going into winter.

1.  Oil of oreganol • anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal.  This should be a part of one’s daily routine, no matter the season.

2.  Selenium • good for GI health and immune system support

3. Vitamin C • maintains healthy veins and has immunoprotective properties

4.  Royal Oil • supports the adrenal glands for improved strength and energy, helps with improved circulation as well as natural cellular energy

5.  Probiotics • helps create healthy bacteria in the GI tract for better digestion and defense against unwanted stomach bacteria

Click the link to read the latest study on flu shots so you may make an informed decision: