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The Gravity Squat

By July 10, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog
August 7th, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center hosts a professional development course based on the work of Guy VOYER, DO and his SomaTraining and SomaTherapy programs. One of the lectures in this workshop will discuss the importance of respecting complexity, a knowledge of descriptive anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics with respect to exercises like the squat and the gravity squat, as opposed to the classic anatomy and functional anatomy taught in schools today. There will be sports trainers and athletic therapists attending so the topic of squat and sport will be covered.
This is why you need to take Guy VOYER DO’s 3 -day squat course… what you see on an MRI does not tell the whole story and that is what separates a practitioner with 1000’s of hours of practice from a researcher. Always remember complexity, know the person in front of you, not just the MRI-image, and don’t forget that with good training the shape of the tissue, including bone, can adapt to change.

There is so much to the squat, and the different types of squat a client-sportsman should use or avoid in their program. One squat that is universal for all people… master the gravity squat.

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