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Fat-Burning, Gluten-Free Foods

By October 7, 2015October 9th, 2015Food Tip of the Week

Produce in Farmers Market
Despite what you may think, gluten sensitivity contributes to obesity more often than to weight loss.
Fat burning foods can boost metabolism, prevent carbs from being stored as fat, prompt hormonal responses that signal the body to release stored fat or regulate blood sugar and reduce insulin, a fat-storing hormone.

According to Dr. Osborne at Gluten Free Society, these are the top 7 fat burning foods:
• dark, leafy greens – vitamin C content in the form of l-carnitine
• turmeric – helps regulate blood glucose levels and boosts metabolism
• ginger – also boosts metabolism, aids in digestion and reduces inflammation
• nuts – high Omega-3 fats which can stabilize mood and prevent over-eating
• grapefruit – helps fight the effects gluten has on the body and has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C
• organ meats – organic, grass-fed organ meat is nutrient-dense, loaded with amino acids, healthy fats, iron, B vitamins and vitamins A, D, and K
• green tea – great substitute for sodas, coffee, and other less healthy drinks and it’s loaded with antioxidants and can speed up metabolism without the jitters due to its catechin content

So now that you’ve made your shopping list, get to the store!

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