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By November 19, 2011December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

No, I not talking about boobs although, in Dallas, to not have breast implants takes a lot of courage!

I’m talking about food.

Every time we grocery shop and put a product in our shopping cart, we are sending a message to ourselves and to others: this is who I am…this is what I am made of…this is a core value.
If I choose margarine instead of organic butter or Ghee, it’s like I am wearing a gaudy, bawdy T-shirt that says “I don’t give a %@*^ about what goes in my body and I’m proud of it”. Essentially, if I buy a food product that is actually something that was created in a laboratory instead of by nature, I am saying that I am fine with ingesting petrol-chemical products that have no food value and may be seriously toxic to my system. I am also saying that I am okay with these poisons being on the market so that others can feed them to their families.
But I’m not okay with it. When it comes to the state of child health in America, I am really not okay with it.

The Dallas Morning News ran an article last week that stated it is now a recommendation that children be tested for high cholesterol. This is insanity, folks.
What I really don’t understand is how intelligent people with the wealth of information on hand about food, chemicals in the food, in the soil, nutritional needs, and the statistics on childhood diabetes (now this cholesterol thing) can continue to buy into the American C.R.A.P. Diet – Conventional…Refined…Additives…Preservatives.
The only reason I can come up with that explains this behavior is that their minds have been impaired because they have been eating fake their entire lives. I may sound like a broken record but “Eat cleanly. Think clearly. Live fully!”

We need real food in order to run our hormonal, digestive, cleansing, and neurological pathways. Garbage in, garbage out. Do you want your blood cells, the millions created every day, to be the stuff of iced tea sweetened with the chemical called aspartame, or pure, un-chlorinated water? Do you want your sex hormones to be made from something that came out of a petri dish or something that has the natural building blocks our body needs?
Most people wouldn’t talk up the bogus art piece they purchased or that the five-carat diamond they are wearing is a fake. Many women who do choose to have plastic surgery deny it. People don’t want to advertise that what they have or do isn’t real. But when you run a boxed or canned food through the check out line at the supermarket, your T-shirt says “Fake as a fake can be.”
Eat better. Feel better. Look better. Teach your children the difference by supporting their chance to thrive in an increasingly toxic world. Live more authentically because you are eating that way.
You are what eat. Eat real food.
And, by the way, my boobs are real…just saying, though that’s not saying much!