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ELDOA Updates From Legacy Center This Weekend

By September 6, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Its Friday and for many people that means the weekend started… last night?!

Hockey training camp is about to begin in Dallas so that means a busy weekend at Legacy Sport & Wellness Center but that is not the only thing “going on” at the Center. Saturday morning, a group ELDOA class is scheduled for 1015AM, as group wellness and semi-private sport classes get started back again!


Even more exciting, the numbers for the ELDOA 1-2 Intensive Seminar scheduled for Nov. 20-24 in Dallas are growing steadily! This 5-day seminar will be EPIC with a host of training classes, and special guests in attendance. Practitioners from all over the world, many who have successfully implemented this tool into their practice and worked to master it over the years, will be re-taking the seminar. They are a great source of practical information for those that are just learning the ELDOA and how to implement it successfully into their practice.

If you are not familiar with the ELDOA exercises organized by Guy VOYER DO visit Legacy’s homepage and read more about “What the ELDOA Is.” If you are a practitioner in the wellness field, healthcare practitioner who works with people, or a physician who prescribes exercise to patients then this seminar is a MUST!

The ELDOA is a universal tool that benefits ALL people… patients, children, active and wellness-conscious adults, and athletes!

If you cannot attend both seminars there is still time to register for just one of the two seminars, but the dead line for Early Bird Registration is fast approaching- 9/8!

This weekend on the Legacy website look for a series of blog posts that answer more specific questions about the ELDOA, what it can do, as well some of the frequently asked questions the Center has received in the past few weeks regarding the ELDOA in clinical practice, and the seminar in November. Additionally, resources for recommended preparatory study for either ELDOA 1 or ELDOA 2 will be posted.

And finally, if you missed the ELDOA seminar in NYC two weeks ago, a summary of that weekend’s ELDOA 1 seminar will be available, which will recap the weekend and a few of the important concepts discussed in that seminar.

We invite you to create an account on the Legacy Sport & Wellness homepage and begin to follow and make comments on future or past posts-

Thanks again and we hope to see you ALL in November!


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