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ELDOA Tip: Facts About the Disc

By September 20, 2013December 9th, 2014ELDOA News Blog

ELDOA Dallas 1-2 seminar is quickly approaching but there is still time to enroll for either ELDOA 1, ELDOA 2, or both courses.

If you are enrolled in just one seminar and are re-thinking your decision and want to take both seminars, there is still time to change your flights and upgrade to both courses!

As Nov. 20th approaches, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center will offer helpful tips from the ELDOA seminars- today’s information is about the vertebral disc and the ELDOA-

The disc has lots of mobility both anterior and posterior (front and back). The goal is to have a healthy disc, a disc that is well -hydrated and can absorb force from any direction.In order for one to do this the annulus fibrosis, the fascial part of the disc, needs water and flexibility. Additionally, the spine and respective vertebral segments (facet joints) need to be well-aligned and moving optimally with respect to the classic biomechanics of the spine.

This begins with a well-balanced pelvis.

At about the age of 25, the spine and its components can begin to degenerate based upon the activities we do (or the sports we participate in) and how we care for our bodies with respect to drinking water, managing stress levels, and quality of exercise techniques we use, such as the ELDOA.

To have a disc that is too tight, regardless of your age, is worse than not having a disc at all!

It is possible to have a spine that is older than the age on our driver’s license, and it possible to have a spine that is younger than your age, but there is only one technique-exercise that can improve the quality of the disc- the ELDOA!

For information on the ELDOA contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas and visit our website at


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