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ELDOA Tip # 2: Technique variations of L5-S1 per the intent/GOAL

By February 23, 2016ELDOA News Blog

In both ELDOA 1 & 2 the technique of L5-S1 is taught with several variations. Variations are not Factors of Progression. In ELDOA 2, there is a Section of the course dedicated specifically to Factors of Progression. L5-S1 exercise has several variations depending on the intent of the practitioner – client. For example, there is the classic posture where all the fascial principles are respected and the intent is directly on L5-S1 I.V. segment. But if a person has back pain, the posture and technique for L5-S1 changes. And if a client/patient is using L5-S1 for 8-10 minutes the technique changes again because the intention/objective is different. It is important to understand how the technique relates to the intention or goal of the exercise. Finally, the classic posture of L5-S1 and its variations are adapted per the individual as well.

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