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ELDOA SomaTraining: Algorithmic vs. Heuristic

By March 8, 2016July 27th, 2016ELDOA News Blog

The best way to describe the difference between the ELDOA & SomaTraining compared to other schools of movement education is the ELDOA-SomaTraining is heuristic, NOT algorithmic. An algorithmic task is one where you follow a set of established instructions down a single pathway to one conclusion. The algorithm solves the problem for you…this, unfortunately, is not how the human body operates, nor does it respect Complexity. Each person/body is different. The ELDOA-SomaTraining programs are organized to teach practitioners to think and problem-solve for themselves given a set of circumstances (client history), the anatomy, biomechanics and the precise exercise tools. As a practitioner, do you want to memorize or do you want to learn to think and problem-solve?

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