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ELDOA News: More Courses and Practical Application Workshops

By March 5, 2015March 19th, 2015ELDOA News Blog

Classroom SettingELDOA 1, the first course in the reorganized 5-level ELDOA program, is scheduled for April 22-23 2015 in Dallas, Tx.

There are many reasons the program was restructured and converted into a stand alone program series and some of those reasons will be discussed in future blog posts.

Now that the new manual for the ELDOA 1 is in the “edit-phase”, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center can begin to share little pieces from both the New ELDOA 1 and ELDOA 2 courses in the ELDOA News Blog(s).

If you don’t have a twitter account with us, we invite you follow us so you can have the latest blogs tweeted directly to you immediately after they are published-

There is so much more that is happening with the ELDOA program, as we work to release it internationally- with a group of instructors spread throughout the world-  London, New York, Los Angeles, eastern and western Canada, Dallas, and way down under in New Zealand and Australia.

The Legacy Sport & Wellness Center will be reporting all of that news through this blog- the ELDOA News Blog and if you have yet to visit the ELDOA the Legacy Method Facebook page, please do that.

As the ELDOA 1 course in April approaches its maximum capacity, we are looking at other Dallas dates in the near future for a second ELDOA 1 course, as well as a practical application workshop specific to the ELDOA 1 content, and “How to Organize a Group/Collective ELDOA Class program at your wellness or medical facility, or with your team or sport/club-activity.

In addition to ELDOA education, all of the educational and exercise programming the Legacy Center hosts, including workshops and seminars from other practitioners, can be found on our website-

Recently, we added a feature so that clients and practitioners may enroll in courses on-line.  Click on ‘Shop’ and the scheduled Courses will be the first items featured.

Soon, Legacy plans to open enrollment for our Practitioner Fellowship.  As a Fellowship member, you will receive lessons, specific to the educational paradigm organized by Guy VOYER, DO, with respect to tensegrity biomechanics and functional anatomy, as well as practical assignments to move your practice to the next level.

As always, look for more updates on homepage and the Educational Calendar and Calendar of Events.  Another GOLF-Performance/Wellness Camp, will be scheduled, out of state. Once the course has been confirmed, and that will be announced in the near future.

See past blogs for recent golf-camp photos and recaps.

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