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ELDOA- Dallas Special Events

By September 8, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

September 8th, TONIGHT, is the last day to contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center to enroll in the Early Bird Discount for either ELDOA 1 or ELDOA 2 Intensive seminars. Both Claudia and I are available all day to speak to practitioners and interested students for what promises to be an EPIC seminar scheduled for Nov. 20-24 in Dallas.

Yesterday for example, we invited a practitioner who was contemplating enrollment, to attend Saturday morning’s group ELDOA workout so he could experience the ELDOA for himself in a group setting. Luke is a youth hockey strength and conditioning coach and the class yesterday was an opportunity for him to see and experience, firsthand, an ELDOA group class. He was excited to say the least!


After class we spoke about how teams like the Dallas Stars have implemented the ELDOA into player conditioning programs, in addition to many other professional hockey players and athletes in other sports who are using the ELDOA regularly for both injuries and performance gains.

Saturday afternoon the trainer of a professional golfer stopped by the Center to visit and learn more about the ELDOA and how the seminar could benefit him and his business moving forward.

The day wrapped up with two more practitioners-pilates instructors, who drove down from Tulsa to get personal ELDOA programs designed for them and discuss how the ELDOA seminars in November could help their clients and business.

Sunday, it will be more of the same… but you don’t have to make a special trip to the Center. We invite you to contact us today through the website and we will get back with you in an effort to address any questions or concerns you might have.

The seminar in November is growing in size with practitioners traveling from all over the world to attend this seminar. There will be a series of special events scheduled during both ELDOA 1 and ELDOA 2 including morning workouts before each day’s lecture and classroom-practice begins. These morning classes allow practitioners to see how a group class is run for both large and small size classes, in addition to experiencing the effects of the ELDOA for themselves, and how their bodies change over the course of several days of using the ELDOA.

Don’t miss ELDOA-Dallas!

Visit the Legacy Sport & Wellness website and read more about the ELDOA! Remember, tonight is the last day for Early Bird Registration Discounts.

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