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ELDOA- Dallas Intensive UPDATE

By October 15, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The latest news regarding ELDOA- Dallas I-II is being formatted as we speak!

An email will be sent out very soon to all those enrolled for this training course.  The email will have a couple of new attachments and an update of the calendar moving forward. If you have yet to enroll there is still time do so- more than a month!

This past two weeks while away teaching in NYC and L.A. more students enrolled in ELDOA- Dallas 1-2 Intensive scheduled for Nov. 20-24. For seminar information and hotel reservations visit Legacy’s homepage:

With new enrollment a few people are looking to share a room while in Dallas. If you are interested in a roommate contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center so we can help to coordinate the introduction of practitioners.

While away traveling a comment “whispered amongst nay-sayers” and those who have yet to take an ELDOA course made its way back to me- “The ELDOA can’t be THAT Great?”

To that comment, the reply is simply- “If it’s not so GREAT then do not enroll in the seminar.”

For those of a different opinion, the Legacy Center is working hard to make the intensive seminar in Dallas a very productive experience so that practitioners can take the tools they learn and apply them immediately to help more people, regardless of the type of client.

A “BIG Thank You” to everyone who has helped the ELDOA- Dallas grow to become the largest ELDOA 1-2 Intensive Seminar ever taught in North America!

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is proud to be the host for this educational experience.


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