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ELDOA Dallas Accommodations

By September 18, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

With so many practitioners already enrolled for ALL 5 days of ELDOA Dallas 1-2 Intensive seminar, the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center Center thought we would post a link with the gallery images of the hosting facility- the Hilton Anatole and their workout facilities, which include a co-ed sauna, swimming pool and DRY sauna!

For the walkers and joggers in the group, there is a lap track that winds its way through this immense hotel property, and located just behind the hotel, a much larger trail system that cuts its way along the Trinity River Corridor and downtown Dallas.

Although the content of this seminar is ELDOA it would come as NO surprise if there wasn’t an informal sauna meeting session or two organized at some point…

With so many practitioners flying in from all over the world for this seminar, “all of the action will be on-site” beginning with OPTIONAL early morning group ELDOA workouts (before the formal seminar begins), taught be veteran instructors, as well as informal meet-ups scheduled during lunch breaks, and in the evenings.

If you were planning to stay off campus you might want to re-think your decision?

And if you signed up for just one of the two courses there is still time to enroll in both and make the most of your trip to Dallas and the ELDOA Intensive Workshop!

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center has tried to make this seminar, and all it entails, an enjoyable experience for ALL!

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas in November!


Gallery images:!FACILITIES|c66t

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center:


  • One of the perks about the Hilton Anatole is the gluten-free kitchen which two of the hotel restaurants share. There is no worry about cross-contamination here!

  • I just did a dry sauna and swim workout at the Hilton Anatole in preparation for the upcoming SomaTraining Sauna and GPS course scheduled for October in L.A. The indoor pool is a comfortable 81 degrees and the dry sauna was hot enough to prepare for the VODA in L.A. For images visit the link provided- SH.

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