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ELDOA-Dallas 1-2 Intensive Seminar Update

By October 9, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

photoHello to all practitioners enrolled in the ELDOA-Dallas Intensive 1-2 Seminar scheduled for Nov. 20-24 and a warm-welcome to those who follow the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.

The first set of materials to prepare for the seminar was emailed to you when your enrollment in the seminar was completed. We are organizing the second set of materials to be emailed within the week, but with several recent events we are in the process of re-organizing those materials, for the BETTER.

In short, the ELDOA exercise created by Guy VOYER DO has received much recognition in the recent months. The success stories from this modality when properly applied are being reported daily, and it is not limited to just the wellness and rehabilitative communities. The article link below discusses the success with Myo-fascial Stretching and ELDOA in professional baseball.

Professional baseball is not the only sport reporting success with these tools.

The Legacy Sport & Wellness Center has consulted with numerous professional athletes and teams in sports throughout North America including professional hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and golf- the results echo the statements in the article above.

If you have yet to enroll in the ELDOA- Dallas Seminar there is still time and space. For details on the November seminar series visit Legacy’s homepage where information on the ELDOA Intensive can be found including hotel information.

This seminar will be unlike any course series you have ever taken.

It is not theory and lecture alone. The majority of the seminar is physical practice of the ELDOA exercises under the supervision of several instructors, and each morning before the day begins, there is a one-hour group ELDOA exercise class.

For more information contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center-

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