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The ELDOA, Myo-Fascial Stretching & Breathing

By October 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Breathing and stress are popular topics of conversation among health practitioners.

Did you know that the ELDOA exercises can help improve respiratory function?

At Legacy Sport & Wellness Center we teach the following the principle- Structure Dictates Function.

If the thoracic spine curvature for example, is kyphotic- (more round or thoracic flexion) rib orientation will change as well. The front part of the ribs will take a depressed posture. They have to in order to follow the change in spinal curvature as the ribs are attached to the thoracic vertebra.

As this posture continues for a period of time, the soft tissue in this region must adapt to the new posture and the act of breathing, be if for sport or leisure, changes for the worse. At this point the more effort that is put into breathing in an attempt to improve respiratory rate will actually make things get worse, not better. With more work comes more tension in the soft tissues and the spine begins to adapt to this tension therefore a viscous cycle begins.

One solution to change this process to use ELDOA for the mid-thoracic region.

Additionally, myo-fascial stretching of the fibers of both the diaphragm and intercostal musculature can improve the quality of the ELDOA exercises.


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