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ELDOA and Anatomy Talking Points

By November 7, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The 2013 ELDOA- Dallas Conference and Practitioner Intensive Training Seminar is just weeks away. For those enrolled in either ELDOA 1 or ELDOA 2 you have received the optional reading materials to enhance your course.

An additional lecture has been added first thing on Wednesday Nov. 20th-

The lecture by Guy VOYER DO will cover a host of topics including- Fascia, Spine Biomechanics and What Applied Tensegrity means with respect to proper exercise.

The lecture begins at noon on Wednesday the 20th and is open to the public, but an RSVP with the Legacy Center is requested due to the size of this conference. If you are unable to attend the lecture, plans are being made to video it in its entirety; parts of the lecture will be posted for viewing,and copies will be made available for purchase.

If you are unable to attend either the conference lecture or the ELDOA 1-2 Practitioner training we hope you can attend the conference next year.

ELDOA- Anatomy talking point-


The posterior longitudinal ligament attaches to each vertebra including the discs, but the anterior longitudinal ligament differs in that it attaches to each vertebra but not the discs-

We look forward to see all the new and returning faces at this exciting conference in Dallas! Thank you everyone, from Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.




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