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ELDOA 2 Post # 1: Back Pain Lecture (ELDOA 2 manual)

By February 22, 2016July 27th, 2016ELDOA News Blog

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work and visit the doctor. Statistics state that most people in the U.S. will experience low back pain at least once in their lives and typically people who experience back pain at least one time will have recurring episodes, making back pain as common as the common cold. The medical approach to back pain is simple – treat the symptoms (one’s pain), first with inflammatories and muscle relaxers, followed next by injections that are sometimes used in combination with physical therapy…all of these methods treat the symptoms of one’s back pain, not the cause. Obsessed with finding the root cause of back pain Guy VOYER, DO studied many methods over the course of a decade. As a result he organized back pain into two groups: Group 1 – trauma that affects the tissues resulting in back pain. Group 2 – Degenerative changes via excessive pressure, compressive forces, gravity resulting in degenerative changes – arthritis etc. Many years of practice proved that addressing the cause of the back pain, using the ELDOA exercise in combination with ABS, Myofascial Stretching and the Gravity Squat was a far more effective approach than treating the symptoms.

This is the foundation of ELDOA 2 training.ELDOA-General

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