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By August 22, 2013February 4th, 2015Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

I’m sitting on the plane jetting towards the “Big Apple” and Kevin Adair’s SomaTraining ELDOA 1 Workshop scheduled to begin tomorrow- Friday afternoon. It appears that just in the past 12-15 months interest in the ELDOA, an exercise system organized 30 years ago by Guy VOYER DO, has started to gain momentum… momentum around the world, not just in the northeast United States. Enrollment in this one seminar alone has passed 40 people and practitioners from all corners of the world are reaching to learn more about this amazing form of exercise.

The ELDOA are exercises used to “create space in the joints” and “normalize structures” via the fascial chains in the human body; VOYER organized this system of exercise almost three decades ago (more on the history of the ELDOA and VOYER can be found in posts on the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s archives). Professional sport organizations and players are adding this form of exercise training to their current conditioning programs with forerunners being the Dallas Stars and Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League.

For the NYC-ELDOA 1 course, morning workouts have been added to the day’s schedule, beginning Saturday morning. Students and guests will have the opportunity to experience the sensation that comes during and AFTER an ELDOA group workout session taught by one of VOYER’s long-time students, Scott Herrera.

More posts from NYC and the ELDOA 1 seminar will follow, and if you missed this workshop mark your calendar for Nov. 20-24 in Dallas, Tx., where ELDOA 1-2 Intensive will be taught for the last time in its current format by VOYER.