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ELDOA 1- NYC Morning Workout

By August 24, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Saturday and Sunday mornings both start off the day with a group ELDOA workout. Saturday morning’s workout outline consisted of the following-

1. Warm-up of the foot, spine in standing

2. Warm-up of the pelvis, lower limb and spine in seated

3. L3-4 with factors of progression

4. L1-2

5. T10-11

6. T8 series

7. T6

The one hour ELDOA training session ended with one cervical spine ELDOA coupled with exercises for awareness for the upper limb with respect to c-spine, and a partner L5-S1 ELDOA. If you missed this morning’s workout with Scott Herrera catch Day 2’s morning workout scheduled for 8AM on Sunday morning at KIMA Wellness Center in NYC.


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