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ELDOA 1-2 Seminar Testimonials

By August 5, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

The final ELDOA 1-2 Intensive Certification is scheduled for Nov.20-24 in Dallas, Texas. Details can be found on the ELDOA flyer’s link found on the Legacy Sport & Wellness website-

This certification course will be like no other ELDOA Seminar!

Legacy Center is working to organize a series of live testimonials to be presented throughout the 5-day course from clients who have implemented the ELDOA into their daily lifestyles and how it changed their lives for the better. Below is an example of just one of many testimonials.

The photo was taken during a Legacy Wellness Immersion in Crested Butte, Colorado. The man walked into Legacy Center using a cane. The photo you see is of him on his mountain bike, “riding trail in C.B.”,  several months after beginning a regular ELDOA practice! “Right on Bob”! Many more of these testimonials to follow-


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