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By January 2, 2012December 9th, 2014Claudia's Corner

Happiness in an inside job.

I didn’t make that up, say it first, but I say – and think – it all the time because it is true.
Ditto for enthusiasm and anticipation and a positive outlook…all inside jobs.
The mind has a thought that triggers an emotion that leads to a feeling. All internal stuff. (Okay, some of the thoughts may be based upon memes from society or our folks that are not empowering, but that is for a different discussion.)
The point here is that happiness, enthusiasm, positive outlook are inside jobs. So why can one word or action from another dampen our joy, spirits, and perspective on something from one moment to the next? Hasn’t that other person – an outside ‘job’ – created our state of mind, our emotions, our feelings?
Absolutely not!
Another person only has the power over me that I allow them to have. If I am confident, have a plan, believe in the plan and myself, or just want the fun of trying to create something, nothing, no word from anyone can deter me from the feelings I have created. If I am unsure or have no faith in my abilities, and someone expresses negative thought to me, doubt I suddenly feel is doubt that I have created in my mind, by an emotion (fear) that turns into that feeling of doubt.
When that happens, I have rained on my own parade!
This is just another way of saying that we create our life: our past, our present, and our destiny. Our life doesn’t happen while we are out somewhere. Our feelings are not manufactured by the person on the street, even if she is our mother! This is great because when we take responsibility for how our life looks, we don’t have to expend precious energy in trying to find someone to blame!
So think, emote, and feel. Be happy, enthusiastic, and positive. Plan, create and experience. But take an umbrella, just in case; you could get wet from someone else raining on their parade!