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Concussion Information

By October 19, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

In a series of conversations with Guy VOYER DO numerous topics including how to address concussions were discussed. Below is an excerpt from that dialogue with VOYER-

“When you have a concussion you don’t just treat the head… that doesn’t make any sense!  You need to treat all (of the body) including the eye! Test the eyes.”

Each head injury case is unique-

“In one case for example, a man has a very small ventricle. The ventricle needs to be opened, but for another person they may need their dura mater addressed. And further, another case treat the temporal bone.”

In all cases, the pelvis must be addressed as its position can influence or magnify a fragile temporal bone, and use the ELDOA exercise.


“Using the ELDOA is auto-normalization or “self-treatment” for the client, and it reinforces the work of the practitioner.”


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