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“Cancer” can be scary stuff

By July 30, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Part of the reason the idea of cancer scares so many people is because most of the general public doesn’t understand what cancer is nor do they understand how their metabolism and immune system operate in conjunction with the hormonal or neuroendocrine system. Further, rare is it that you find an oncologist who understands that there can be a structural component involved in cellular dysfunction. Now, when a person begins to better understand how a healthy body is “supposed” to be organized and that organization leads to optimal function then “cancer” can start to become less scary. If cancer is something that scares you, start to learn more about how the body functions, not how or what we choose to do once we have cancer. Be careful about groups promoting cures and raising funds to “find the cure”. Part of the solution is getting to the root cause or reason for the disease and, in order to understand this, more money is needed for education instead of research on treatment modalities which are interventions to buy time.

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