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An Edible Water Bottle?

It’s a squishy blob of water in gel. Called Ooho, these H2O orbs are servings of water encased in an algae-based gel…and totally edible.

The creators of Ooho are three London-based industrial design students who, influenced by molecular gastronomy (a method of cooking that merges scientific methods), set out to create a viable way to deal with the fact that over 80% of all water bottles aren’t recycled.

While there are still a lot of kinks to work out, such as how do you keep Ooho clean and sanitary before consumption, in due time, you may be popping a couple of Ooho’s when you find yourself thirsty.

-from April 2-15 Fountainhead, a publication of Aqua Maestro, The Source for Fine Waters

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