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Weekly Newsletter 5/24/24

This week’s Newsletter will highlight the month of May and discuss what Legacy has planned for the month of June and the summer months that follow.

This past weekend we hosted the ELDOA Level 4 Trainer Certification. Practitioners from different parts of the country traveled to Dallas for three intensive days of training, education, and testing. To read more about ELDOA 4, go to the Education section below in the Newsletter. The Exercise and Wellness events June Calendar is posted below in the Exercise section.

In Sporting News, professional football off-season at our Center in Dallas is winding down as players begin to return to their teams. And one member of Legacy’s community continues his quest with his teammates for the Stanley Cup. Monday night Jake Oettinger and the Dallas Stars defeated the Edmonton Oilers in Edmonton, taking a 2 to 1 lead in the series. Game 4 is Wednesday night in Edmonton.

Dallas stars

In the Lifestyle and Recovery Center/Training Table News section, a menu of what Chef Corey served during the Level 4 Certification Course is highlighted.

Legacy plans to host a Sauna Certification Course in June for members of our community and clients.

Education News – Summer School dates and Course Curriculum are listed in the Education section and enrollment has begun.

If you are new to our community or our weekly Newsletter and have yet to participate in the Weekend Wellness Series, we invite you to do so. This Weekend Wellness Workout

Register for Exercise Class

Summer School schedule and Curriculum is set. It begins August 8 and runs through August 17. For course detail see the Education Section of the Newsletter. Enroll for Summer School.

Summer School


Legacy News

June Calendar: Exercise & Training Information

June 1 9:00 am Group Physical Training Workout (Total Body)
9:30 am ELDOA Classic Group Workout

June 8. 9:00 am Workout for Digestion
9:30 am ELDOA Classic Group Workout

June 15 NO Class

June 22 & 29 To Be Announced


Intro1 is the code to use for an introductory ELDOA workout at $25.00 for your first ELDOA group workout. This is for the first ELDOA per user. You can’t beat this offer!



In the month of June, Friday mornings, Claudia will be working with clients on ELDOA and/or their Home Programs. Sessions are organized into 30-minute blocks of time and begin at 9:30 am.

We recommend a client arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm-up before their session begins and Claudia will recommend 1 or 2 things to do upon completion of the TUTORIAL Session.

The purpose of this session is to improve upon exercise quality and training.

Sessions run every 30 minutes and can be scheduled directly with Claudia in the Business Office.

For an optimal outcome, clients do their program during the week, come for the 30-minute tutorial on Friday and then come to ELDOA Classic on Saturday morning.

Purchase the Series of three for $75.00

or one private session for $50.00

Wellness News

The Saturday Morning Wellness Workout Series is scheduled for the month of June. This weekend at 9:00 am the Wellness workout Series begins with a 30-minute total body Strengthening Session. This circuit style workout focuses on strengthening principle muscle groups and it concludes with a Myo-fascial Stretch cool down. Immediately following is the 60-minute ELDOA Classic Workout. The ELDOA workout uses ELDOA postures of the spine, hip, and shoulder girdle. Make the most of your weekend and enroll in both Wellness Workouts. After you have finished your training, enjoy a Legacy Sauna and Recovery Session in our customer designed dry Sauna.

Next weekend, our Wellness Workout Series will combine a 30-minute workout to enhance the Quality of Digestion with and ELDOA Classic Group Session. Later this month look for either a Myo-fascial Stretching Workout or a FLO Session to return to the Legacy Exercise Calendar.

Essential Oils

The human olfactory system can detect over a trillion scents!

Plants release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with potential health benefits.

A diffuser can spread an essential oil freely throughout a room.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and can respond to essential oils being rubbed into the skin.

With any essential oil formula, it is important to use a carrier oil to protect the skin from irritation.

One formula I have given to many clients is a formula for scarring. I have used it myself to mitigate scars from skin cancer surgery. Many of our athletes have requested this formula after surgery in the off-season. It has also been used on minor cuts or scraps from accidents.

When applying any formula, especially when made with medicinal grade oils, only a small amount is needed. The formula should be rubbed into the skin gently until it can no longer be seen on the skin. If it still feels oily, too much was used so use less next time you apply.

These photos show right after surgery and after many months of formula application. Essential oils have incredible healing power, but – with some things – results need to be waited for!



Sports Performance News

As the month of June approaches, high school athletes are finishing up their school year and preparing themselves for summer training. As parents and coaches learn more about Legacy’s approach to working with athletes, more and more young people are traveling to our Center for customized programs and evaluation. In the past week, a sample of new high school cases is listed below:

sophomore offensive lineman with severe MCL strain and PTL strain – no surgery, but a comprehensive summer program is needed…women’s basketball: a 16 year old elite female point guard with chronic knee and joint pain – a comprehensive strengthening and myo-fascial stretching off-season program is needed…mens’ college soccer, a player recovering from a past ACL surgery presents now with chronic hamstring tightness – a customized program for the surgical knee and a second program for the chronic hamstring issue, which includes myo-fascial stretching for the groin region.

At every level of youth sports’ today, the traditional approach is Bigger, Faster, Stronger. That is not the approach we use at our Performance Center…with the amateurs or the professionals. Our approach is to evaluate and design a comprehensive program specific to the needs of the individual, and we do this at every level of skill – amateur to professional, and the same methodology is applied to the retired amateur and professional athlete that we see.

As wonderful as competitive athletics is, injury can occur, and the intensity of training is less than ideal for the body. Competing in sports is not the same thing as to be well. Former athletes typically need guidance and quality training to restore their body, and they make up a good part of our practice in Dallas.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

For the holiday weekend and the ELDOA 4 Certification Course, we spray washed the outdoor Recovery area and tuned up the dry Sauna. Our dry Sauna operates at a very low humidity and a very high temperature. To learn more about the benefits of the dry Sauna, thermal stress, and how to design and safely begin a dry Sauna practice enroll in our half day Sauna Training Workshop. Dates for the month of June will be announced. Email Claudia in the Business Office for more information.


Throughout the Spring, look for select days when we offer the Cold Plunge option with Dry Sauna and Recovery.

In addition to the Sauna Education (Certification) Course in Summer School, we plan to offer the Sauna Certification Course for clients and Student Practitioners in early summer.

Topics of discussion include the importance of sweating, what is the optimal time for a single sauna session, what is the optimal temperature to use in a Dry Sauna, how to use cold water exposure by itself, or in combination with the dry sauna, and the importance of drinking water.

As part of the Course Theory, all the participants complete the Ruffier (Pulse) Test. This simple test can be used in different aspects of a Wellness or Sports Performance Program including the length of time in a Sauna Session and exposure to cold water.

the Training Table News

the Training Table is where Wellness and Sports Performance begin!

Chef Corey cooks for Legacy’s Certification Courses and his food is always a highlight of the visit to our Center. This past weekend he was very busy here to the delight of our Student-Practitioners. Day 1, Friday, began at noon and Chef prepared two different salads with organic greens, and grass -fed and -finished grilled chicken for dinner. Each salad had its own special dressing.

Saturday and Sunday after the Wellness Workouts, Chef cooked breakfast outside. Saturday, Students and clients were treated to ground lamb meatballs, herbed rice, eggs any way, cherries, watermelon, and apple slices. Sunday, sausage and eggs or omelets with red and green bell peppers, roasted new and Yukon potatoes, avocados, pineapple, watermelon, and blueberries and blackberries.

Sunday, during the Graduation party, Chef Corey created a charchuterie board: raw cheese with Savannah, Georgia honey, grass-fed meats, hummus with carrots, crackers, cherries – everything non-GMO, organic, dairy-, gluten- and soy-free. And of course there was champagne, Veuve Clicot to be precise.

the Training Table is an area we have dedicated within our Center where clients can set, relax, and enjoy farm fresh high quality meals from Chef Corey and Mia Fradenburg.

Legacy and Mia are making Kombucha!

Our first batch was started on Monday. Check back with us in 10 days to get a sample taste.

In our Newsletter, the Training Table is a section devoted to all topics related to nutrition, cooking, and wellbeing. In the coming months we will expand upon all these topics.

Water Bar News

Water is a big deal at Legacy. In fact, water is Nature’s First Medicine.

Buy water in bulk during the month of May. Prices will increase in June. Shipping costs have doubled. We are working on a solution. One idea is a Water Club for those who buy in bulk. We have several clients who take advantage of this service. Once details are fleshed out, we will invite you to participate.

Sixty cases of Vellamo were delivered last week. This water has a pH value of 8.3 for those who seek alkaline water. And the taste is delicious. An additional 80 cases of various Legacy waters arrived Thursday. Another Texas summer is close at hand: staying hydrated is easy with Legacy’s Water Bar.!

Education News

Change in SUMMER SCHOOL DATES: new AUGUST 8-9-10-11.
Block 1

Summer School

Thursday August 8. Day 1 Strengthening of Lower Limb
Friday, Aug. 9 Lower Limb Day 2
Aug. 9 Sauna will be taught from 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Saturday, Aug. 10 Squat & Posturology: How to Organize a Global Movement Day 1
Sunday, Aug. 11 Squat

Block 2: August 12-17

Aug. 12 Strengthening of the Upper Limb. Day 1
Aug. 13 Upper Limb.

Day 2
Aug. 14 ELDOA Specific (SomaTraining) Day 1
Aug. 15 ELDOA Specific Day 2
Aug.16 & 17 Strapping or Fascia Normalization of the Lower Limb depending upon interest


ELDOA Trainer Certification: ELDOA Level 4 was hosted this past weekend in Dallas by SomaTraining Texas Institute and Legacy Sports & Wellness Center.

ELDOA Trainer is one of several milestones for every ELDOA Practitioner. To complete ELDOA 4, one is a master of the ELDOA in Levels 1, 2, and 3.

The ELDOA 4 Certification focuses on all aspect of the three Levels and the 22 axes of the Pelvis are taught with the exercises for the sacro- iliac (SI) joint and pelvis.

Practitioners spend three long days training, practicing, testing and learning how to apply these exercises.

Nic Van Dinh had the top score and was awarded the Major (top student) of the Course.

Listed below are several study question the group discussed during the course: How do the ELDOA normalize posture?

What are four main components of posture?

What are four progression factors in developing awareness?

What are intrinsic muscles in relation to the spine?

At the level of the lumbar spine unit, discuss whaty happens in flexion/extension at the level of L3? is the website to find Certified Practitioners around the world. If you are interested in learning more about an ELDOA Certification Course or the advanced Training that we offer at our school in Dallas – SomaTraining Texas Institute – contact Claudia in the Business Office.

ELDOA Level 1, and 1&2 Combination Summer Dates in Dallas: Dates to be announced

We ask all ELDOA Practitioners – at any level -to visit the official ELDOA website – – to make sure your contact information is accurate.

Having your correct contact information is very important: so potential clients can find you and so you can receive important information from the Founder and Administrative Office in Dallas.

Check Your Status

The way Legacy has our School set up in Dallas allows for Students to travel from all parts of the country for training and continuing education, while at the same time creating the opportunity to invest some of their personal time in their self-care using our Gym and Lifestyle-Recovery Center. We believe that this one-two combination can’t be beaten and we invite you to enroll in a course with us in 2024.

Client Education News

Sauna Tutorial – June to be announced

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops,

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