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Weekly Newsletter 5/15/2024

By May 15, 2024May 17th, 2024Legacy News

The Weekend Wellness Workout Series is gaining more and more momentum!

Each weekend, one or more of the group wellness workouts increases in the number of participants in attendance. We attribute this to new clients joining our Wellness Program in combination with a number of our existing clients, who have Home Programs, choosing to participate.

If you are new to our community or our weekly Newsletter and have yet to participate in the Weekend Wellness Series, we invite you to do so. This Weekend Wellness Workout Series features a 30-minute Strengthening Session specific to the pelvis…the pelvis is the foundation of our body and when its components are in balance it is difficult to have pain or dysfunction. There are many exercises that we use in the pelvis series: this weekend, the 30-minute session focuses on strengthening and proprioception (balance).

In the upcoming weeks look for more sessions in the pelvis series to be offered either in person on Saturday morning, or streaming on line from our digital workout library.

New this weekend is a 60-minute Myo-fascial Stretching (MFS) workout for the total body. MFS is a specific type of stretching created by osteopath, Guy VOYER, DO, in which the focus of the session is to improve the quality of the sliding between the fibers of the connective tissue – fascia. Everyone benefits from MFS. It’s an excellent compliment to the weekly ELDOA Workouts we feature in our Wellness Center and it compliments the pelvis strengthening session

If you want to make the most of your Saturday morning you can bundle these two Wellness workouts with Open Sauna immediately following MFS. Bundle all three and save.

Sign up for Class

Reminder: Saturday, May 25 the Weekend Wellness Workout Series moves up due to the School hosting ELDOA Level 4 Certification Course.

If you’ve never tried either an ELDOA or MFS workout, click the link and enter the Introduction Code for saving.

Directions in the Legacy News Exercise & Events Section

In Sporting News, the Stars won Game 4 in their Round 2 Series with the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 5-1. Stars lead the series 3 to 1 and play Game 5 Wednesday night in Dallas.

JVR and the Boston Bruins trail the Florida Panthers 1-3 in their playoff series. Game 5 is Tuesday night.

Summer School schedule and Curriculum is set. It begins August 8 and runs through August 17. For course detail see the Education Section of the Newsletter. Enroll for Summer School.

Summer School

Legacy News

May Calendar: Exercise & Training Information

Saturday, May 18

9:00 am Pelvis Workout Series -Strengthening

Myo-fascial Stretching One Hour. 9:30 am

Open Sauna. 10-30 to 1:30

Bundle all three and SAVE.

Bundled pricing on all three at eShop on our website:

Saturday, May 25

Special ELDOA Group Workout with ELDOA Level 4 Student Practitioners Early start time to be announced.


Intro1 is the code to use for an introductory ELDOA workout at $25.00 for your first ELDOA group workout. This is for the first ELDOA per user. You can’t beat this offer!



Beginning Fridays in May at 10:00 am Clients and members of our community can schedule 30-minute private Tutorials with Claudia. The emphasis will be on ELDOA and Myo-fascial Stretching (MFS).

We recommend a client arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm-up before their session begins and Claudia will recommend 1 or 2 things to do upon completion of the TUTORIAL Session.

The purpose of this 30-minute session is for a client to work on different aspects of their Home Program under a watchful eye and make corrections to their quality of their home exercises.

Sessions run every 30 minutes and can be scheduled directly with Claudia in the Business Office.

For an optimal outcome, clients do their program during the week, come for the 30-minute tutorial on Friday and then come to ELDOA Classic on Saturday morning.

Purchase the Series of three for $75.00

or one private session for $50.00

Wellness News

Mia has been busy making Bone Broth for clients and Scott and Claudia. With four different “flavors”, there is a broth for all tastes.

Bones are from grass-fed, grass-finished cows and you can see how that affects the texture of the broth – very gelatinous, not from adding gelatin, but from the power of the material in the bones. One of the huge benefits from this nutrient-rich superfood is support for gut health – healing the gut lining, rich in the amino acid glutamine which helps support the gut microbiome, contributing to proper digestion, and collagen proteins which support joint health.

Recently, we added a new section to the Newsletter – the Training Table News. It can be found in the Recovery and Lifestyle section of the Newsletter. The Training Table section discusses topics and information related to food, nutrition, shopping, clean water and the benefits of hydration, and nutrient-dense supplementation. This week we are introducing information about Bone Broth.

Workout for Digestion Session was taught last Saturday. This workout compliments the broth benefits by increasing motility of the colon.

Mother’s Day Smoothie was another Mia treat featuring Dragon Fruit for a lovely pink color. Claudia brought cookies from Unrefined Bakery – gluten, dairy, and soy-free. a healthier sweet option.

If you are new to our community and would like to try an ELDOA workout, check the information on the May Calendar Workouts and Events for a Code for anyone enrolling in their FIRST ELDOA group workout…special pricing to save!

For our clients who live far away or who are unable to regularly attend Wellness Weekend Workouts, we are working on a solution – we call it Legacy Beyond the Walls. Our tentative plan is to offer at least one live-stream wellness workout weekend series a month and to have a catalog of our most popular group workout available to members of our community. If you follow our Newsletter and this new feature is of interest, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

In past Newsletters we discussed offering a 30-minute Breathing and Relaxation Tutorial in the month of May. The Breathing Tutorial will be rescheduled in June. If you are interested in learning more about breathing exercise and how they affect your posture, the respiratory system, the transverse abdominus muscle and the pelvis floor, email Claudia in the Business Office.

Sports Performance News

Jake Oettinger and the Dallas Stars play the Colorado Avalanche in Round 2 and Dallas is leading the series 3 games to 1… Staff members of both teams have done training at our School, SomaTraining Texas Institute.

If you have been following the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, one common topic in every payoff match-up is “the health of the players”. Injuries do occur, especially in contact sports like professional hockey; however, soft tissue injury from playing games every other night can be reduced to some degree using the SomaTraining and ELDOA techniques. A technique such as Myo-fascial Stretching (MFS) has a direct effect on the aponeurosis of the muscle tissue, which in turn affects the “sliding” that occurs within the tissues. Tissues that slide better function better. MFS, combined with specific muscle reinforcement, and the ELDOA postures is the perfect recipe for an athlete who wants to performa their best night in and night out.

A number of players in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs use the MFS, ELDOA, and SomaTraining as part of their Performance Package. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from MFS. At the Center in Dallas many of our Wellness Clients use MFS regularly. Saturday morning, May 18, the Weekend Wellness Series will feature a one-hour total body MFS workout. If you’ve never tried MFS, this is a great opportunity to do so, and if you are an athlete, and would like to have a customized MFS program, contact Claudia in the Business Office to set up an appointment.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

Spring is here and our Dry Sauna is running exceptionally hot thanks to John Sandstrom and Rob Licht!

Throughout the Spring, look for select days when we offer the Cold Plunge option with Dry Sauna and Recovery.

In addition to the Sauna Education (Certification) Course in Summer School, we plan to offer the Sauna Certification Course for clients and Student Practitioners in early summer.

Topics of discussion include the importance of sweating, what is the optimal time for a single sauna session, what is the optimal temperature to use in a Dry Sauna, how to use cold water exposure by itself, or in combination with the dry sauna, and the importance of drinking water.

As part of the Course Theory, all the participants complete the Ruffier (Pulse) Test. This simple test can be used in different aspects of a Wellness or Sports Performance Program including the length of time in a Sauna Session and exposure to cold water.

the Training Table News

the Training Table is where Wellness and Sports Performance begin!

In the Training Table news this week: Scott makes the comparison of Misas Bone Broth to legal performance enhancing drugs…it’s a joke, but not really. This bone broth is dense with nutrients – nutrients for healing, nutrients for building your body, nutrients for recovery. You can drink your broth, add broth to your vegetables, mix your bone broth with rice…have your bone broth anyway you like, but everybody needs at least a cup of bone broth every day! It is available made to order from grass-fed, grass-finished bones, sourced locally.

the Training Table is an area we have dedicated within our Center where clients can set, relax, and enjoy farm fresh high quality meals from Chef Corey and Mia Fradenburg.

In our Newsletter, the Training Table is a section devoted to all topics related to nutrition, cooking, and wellbeing.

Water Bar News

Water is a big deal at Legacy. In fact, water is Nature’s First Medicine.

Buy water in bulk during the month of May. Prices will increase in June. Shipping costs have doubled. We are working on a solution. One idea is a Water Club for those who buy in bulk. We have several clients who take advantage of this service. Once details are fleshed out, we will invite you to participate.

Sixty cases of Vellamo were delivered last week. This water has a pH value of 8.3 for those who seek alkaline water. And the taste is delicious. Another 80 cases of various Legacy waters will arrive Thursday. Another Texas summer is close at hand: staying hydrated is easy with Legacy’s Water Bar.!

Essential Oils

Essential Oil Formulas?

One of the most rewarding aspects of Clinical Aromatherapy is creating essential oil formulas for a specific client and a specific purpose.

Often muscle testing is the best way to determine which of several possible oils will be the best combination to accomplish the goal. Many oils have similar constituents and can address the same issue, but with muscle testing the most beneficial oil for my client can be chosen.

The greatest feeling is when a client tells you how successful the formula was in addressing the problem.

I have created formulas for scarring after surgery, ear aches for a child before getting on an airplane, insomnia, and grief-anger-loss after a loved ones’ passing. These are just a few of the many formulas and I would love to craft a formula for you.

Education News

Change in SUMMER SCHOOL DATES: new AUGUST 8-9-10-11.
Block 1

Summer School

Thursday August 8. Day 1 Strengthening of Lower Limb

Friday, Aug. 9 Lower Limb Day 2

Aug. 9 Sauna will be taught from 5:00 to 9:00 pm

Saturday, Aug. 10 Squat & Posturology: How to Organize a Global Movement Day 1

Sunday, Aug. 11 Squat Day 2

Block 2: August 12-13-14

Aug. 12 Strengthening of the Upper Limb Day 1

Aug. 13 Upper Limb Day 2

Aug. 14 ELDOA Specific (SomaTraining) Day 1

Aug. 15 ELDOA Specific Day 2

Aug.16 & 17 Strapping or Fascia Normalization of the Lower Limb depending upon interest

ELDOA Level 4 Dallas: May 24, 25 and 26


Enroll now and we will send the preparatory questions to you so you have time to work on the answers.


ELDOA Level 3 Dallas: Dates to be announced

If you are an Instructor Candidate looking to assist a course, contact Claudia in the Business Office to be put on the list.

We ask all ELDOA Practitioners – at any level -to visit the official ELDOA website – – to make sure your contact information is accurate.

Having your correct contact information is very important: so potential clients can find you and so you can receive important information from the Founder and Administrative Office in Dallas.

Check Your Status

Client Education News

In April, Education Workshops for clients include a breathing tutorial, a pelvic floor tutorial, and a sauna training workshop in our “learn by doing” format.

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning for Student Practitioners enrolled in the SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and/or ELDOA Comprehensive Program..

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