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Weekly Newsletter 2/28/24

By February 28, 2024March 1st, 2024Legacy News

In observance of American Heart Awareness, our Sport & Wellness Center featured several new programs in combination with educational events specific to Cardiovascular health for our community members.

Last weekend, clients had the opportunity to participate in a circuit-style workout targeting the Circulatory System (more specifically the vascular system) and to attend a one-hour lecture discussing the benefits of a Cardiovascular Program, the importance of VO2 MAX. Several recommendations were made on how to begin a CV Program and questions were answered. The topic of blood sugar and insulin resistance in relationship to cardiovascular health was another topic of discussion and will be the subject of a future Wellness Tutorial. Immediately following the lecture, the Wellness Center hosted Open Sauna with Dry Sauna and Cold Contrast available.

In this final week of Heart Awareness Month each section of our Newsletter will feature a topic in relation to heart awareness and cardiovascular health and, as always, the last Newsletter of the month is a summary of past events and programming.

•Two Client Tutorials were offered this month: the first on the L5-S1 ELDOA Posture and the second on Cardiovascular Health.

•Additional Group Exercise Workout included Circulatory Exercises.

•Open Sauna was scheduled and Cold Plunge; the unseasonably warm February weather created perfect conditions for both along with the Legacy Recovery outdoor area.

•Legacy introduced our client Saving Program.

•Water was delivered and clients took advantage of savings by the case.

•Weeks 3 through 6 of Post-Season Camp for Professional Football Players

•Intensive Student-Practitioner Half-Day Mentorship

•Cholesterol Myth

March begins this weekend at the Wellness Center and features a new group exercise session – FLO. FLO is a continuous movement session with the principle goal being to improve the movement between different regions of the body. This workout is low-impact and good for everyone – wellness clients, athletes, and clients with moderate to mild injury.

This month is quite busy with Legacy Sport & Wellness Immersions and additional workouts and programs in which our clients and members of our community can participate. We recommend you follow us on Social Media and read our Newsletter for the weekly Calendar of Events.

Legacy News

March Calendar: Exercise & Training Information

February 29: Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) 1:00 pm Workout

March 2: 9:00 am FLO (Movement) Workout. $20
9:30 am ELDOA Classic Group Workout

March 9: 9:00 am New Exercise Tutorial: How to Utilize Open Gym
9:30 – 1:00 Open Gym & Open Sauna
Cold Plunge available

March 14: ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course

March 14: Open Gym & Open Sauna 8:30-11:30

March 15-17: ELDOA Level 2 Certification Course

March 16: 9:00 am Early Start. ELDOA Classic Group Workout

Open Gym & Open Sauna
March 14 8:30 -11:30 am
March 15 6:30 – 8:30 pm
March 16 8 to 12 noon and 6:30 – 8:30 pm
March 17. 8:30 – 1:30 and 4:30 – 7:30 pm

March 23: 9:30 am ELDOA Classic Group Workout

March 30: 9:30 am ELDOA Classic Group Workout



$25.00 or $15.00 with a Legacy Card

What is Open Gym and how is it different from a Drop In Gym Session? Legacy Sport & Wellness is a private facility with a Cardiovascular Center, Group Exercise Area, Dry Sauna and Recovery Program, and a fully equipped Gym. These services are reserved for our private clients who have a custom designed Home Program. An Open Gym Session is a specific block of time that we schedule throughout the month in which clients can come and take advantage of the services we have to offer. For example, many of our clients have experienced back pain at some point in their life and our Gym has several pieces of specific equipment to help them which are typically not found in most other facilities.

During Open Gym sessions, often times a workout is written on the white board for clients to follow and post workout myo-fascial stretching/ELDOA exercises are suggested. If necessary, clients are permitted to take shoes and socks off for specific exercises. All the participants who attend Legacy’s Open Gym or Drop In Gym Sessions respect our NO VIDEO policy. Open Gym Sessions are never over-crowded therefore our equipment is always available…no wait for the equipment.

If you have a Home Program, Sauna Card or a Group Class Card, you can drop in and workout in our Gym for $15.00.

Without a card, the fee is $25.00.

Wellness News

In a previous of a February Newsletter, we posted an article about the Myth of Cholesterol.

It was well received, so much so, that in the Wellness section of this week’s Newsletter we are sharing a lecture by Ivor Cummins sponsored by Irish Heart Awareness, which features an important test that can be ordered to measure the quality of the arteries of the Circulatory System. The presentation discusses LDL Cholesterol in detail.

LDL Cholesterol

Sports and Performance News

Legacy’s Sports Performance Center welcomes back John Franklin Myers – JFM, #91, defensive end with the New York Jets and teammates of Solomon Thomas, #94. The Jets had one of the top-ranked defenses last season and their defensive line was the engine that made it run!

John is back in Dallas to begin his off-season preparation for next year’s football season. The SomaTraining, a customized program for JFM, and the specific recovery work that we do in our Lifestyle and Recovery Center play key roles in preparing John for his job as a starting defensive end in the National Football League.

The previous off-season, John recovered from a surgery and spent time with us in Dallas. He played all 17 games last year and JFM shares some of his off-season goals for this year.

John's Offseason

Sports Performance Tip:

In Legacy’s Sports Performance Training Programs, an athletes’ physical conditioning is a foundational pillar. The cardiovascular systems serves 5 important functions during exercise:

•Delivers oxygen to working muscles

•Delivers blood by returning it to the lungs.

•Transports heat (a byproduct of activity) from the core to the skin.

•Delivers nutrients and fuel to active tissues.

•Transports hormones.

Exercise places an increased demand on the cardiovascular system. Oxygen demand by the muscles increases sharply. Metabolic processes speed up and more waste is created. More nutrients are used and body temperature rises. To perform as efficiently as possible the cardiovascular system must regulate these changes and meet the body’s increasing demands. An athlete’s acute or immediate to exercise, and the long-term adaptations that take place in their cardiovascular system with repeated exercise. The following variables are important aspects that need to be examined in athletes’ cardiovascular system:

•heart rate

•stroke volume

•cardiac output

•blood pressure


The athletes who want the most out of their careers include regular physical conditioning as a part of an off-season program. To enhance the benefits of cardiovascular training, regular use of a Dry Sauna at the appropriate temperature and humidity is recommended.

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

the Training Table

Oatmeal is often recommended as a heart healthy food. The article below cites a chemical pesticide found in oat-based foods sold in the United States. Dr. Tomer Singer, Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Northwell Health, is asked if we should be concerned and he states more extensive research and a prospective study needs to be done.

Scott Herrera completely disagrees with Singer’s response.

There is plenty of research now that discusses the problems with grains and chemical pesticides that are sprayed on the grains. Scott has a number of books in his library that discuss this topic in detail. Our recommendation is to attend the Legacy’s educational lecture on this topic.

the Training Table Tip:

If your diet lacks regular consumption of wild-caught fish such as cod or salmon, an easy remedy is Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil.

Toxic Oatmeal Article

Nicer days and warmer temps make our outdoor recovery area perfect for post-sauna recovery and healthy natural sunlight exposure.

Sauna is available for private sessions. Open Sauna dates in March. Host our popular Sauna Ed course in the Learn by Doing format. For course specifics, see below.

The next Sauna Education (Certification) Course is scheduled for the month of March. Enrollment is limited to eight (8) people: email Claudia directly at to sign up.

Topics of discussion include the importance of sweating, what is the optimal time for a single sauna session, what is the optimal temperature to use in a Dry Sauna, how to use cold water exposure by itself, or in combination with the dry sauna, and the importance of drinking water.

As part of the Course Theory, all the participants complete the Ruffier (Pulse) Test. This simple test can be used in different aspects of a Wellness or Sports Performance Program including the length of time in a Sauna Session and exposure to cold water.

Participants learn to use a Dry Sauna effectively and how to safely begin cold water exposure. The course concludes with rest in our Recovery area and a bottle of mineral water from the Legacy Water Bar.

Education News

New Dates: Legacy is hosting ELDOA 1&2 Combination Certification Course. Date for Level 1is March 14 and for Level 2 March 15-17.

ELDOA 1 is scheduled for Thursday, March 14 at 12:00 noon, and ELDOA 2 begins Friday morning, March 15 and runs through March 17.

To enroll only for Level 1, contact Claudia:

Enrollment and Course Specifics:

ELDOA Level 4 Dallas: May 24, 25 and 26


ELDOA Level 3 Dallas: June dates to be announced

The SomaTraining/Therapy schedule for 2024 will be announced soon.  Courses are scheduled to begin in April. Email your course requests for 2024 to Claudia at

The 2024 Education calendar for SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and the ELDOA is being finalized. Certification Courses are scheduled to begin in February, New for Scott’s Teaching Calendar: ELDOA Level 1&2 Combination, ELDOA Level 4 – Trainer Certification Practical (April-May dates to be announced), Sauna Certification Course, Cardiovascular and Conditioning Practical, ELDOA Level 3, Summer School Intensive, and ELDOA Level 4 in the fall of 2024.


Other SomaTherapy Courses are being finalized and will be added to Scott’s Teaching Calendar on the Legacy website soon.

If you are an Instructor Candidate looking to assist a course, contact Claudia in the Business Office to be put on the list.

We would like to host a combination of ELDOA Level 1 (in the one-day format) combined with an Introduction to Myo-fascial Stretching in 2024.

We ask all ELDOA Practitioners – at any level -to visit the official ELDOA website – – to make sure your contact information is accurate.

This was posted on our Instagram account and we have heard from several Student Practitioners. Thanks!

The way Legacy has our School set up in Dallas allows for Students to travel from all parts of the country for training and continuing education, while at the same time creating the opportunity to invest some of their personal time in their self-care using our Gym and Lifestyle-Recovery Center. We believe that this one-two combination can’t be beaten and we invite you to enroll in a course with us in 2024.

Client Education News

A client Exercise Tutorial, February 17 at 9:00 am: the benefit of the L5-S1 ELDOA and TV L5.

Lifestyle Tutorial: February 24 at 10:30 am

The benefits of a Cardiovascular Training Program and How to Begin


If you are from out of town, but would like to participate in our wellness educational series, consider scheduling a Wellness Immersion in Dallas and combine it with an educational workshop while you are here.

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning for Student Practitioners enrolled in the SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and/or ELDOA Comprehensive Program..


For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.


If you missed any Legacy Newsletters, they are posted on Legacy’s website under the tab ‘Legacy News’.

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