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One Day at a Time

By January 2, 2015Claudia's Corner

Everything you read this time of (new) year is about resolution-making, how to get what you want (this time), how to stay on track (for longer than a few weeks), how to achieve your dream (body, job, love life).

The question is why some of us do get what we want and others don’t.

Discipline: keeping your eyes on the prize is crucial. Being well and truly fit (or achieving any goal you’ve set) is work and, like tending a garden, it is a job done daily.

Faith: believing that what you invest you time and effort in will have a payoff that is worth the effort.

Trust: that you deserve to achieve your dream. This is the biggest stumbling block in my opinion: if you don’t believe you are worthy of that body, job, love life you won’t get it. You will make sure of that.

You can only live life one day at a time so focus on each day and do your best…really, your best. Respect the miracle that is you and don’t shit in your temple!

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