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Low Libido, Ladies?

By August 19, 2015August 21st, 2015Claudia's Corner

You probably aren’t interested in the details of my sex life, especially since I approach my 70th birthday next month. I’ll save that for my memoirs!
Many women – and not just the mature woman – are struggling with loss of interest in sex or painful sex because of dryness. Pharmaceutical companies see an untapped market for a pill that will re-create sexual desire in women. It’s not that simple.
An article in the Dallas Morning News business section this morning, talked about the newly FDA-approved “Viagra” pill for women. Many big pharma companies have tried to get this pill to market, but side-effects plus limited success have derailed the release…until now.
Yes, there are still side-effects and limited success, but it’s going to be on the market anyway.

Ladies, if you have low sex drive, I can offer you a sure-fire remedy. Make some lifestyle changes, for crying out loud! Drop the diet drinks, low-fat foods (which offer zero nutrition), quit ordering egg-white omelets. Eat some clean protein and fat. Drink lots of pure water. Start to move. Get some good rest. Try meditation to calm your mind and bring you some peace. Look at yourself in the mirror every night before bed and say, “You fabulous woman in the mirror, I love you!” And mean it.

I tried testosterone creams years ago without much change. I assumed dryness and low sex drive were just part of growing older. Then I made the lifestyle changes I recommend above. Everything changed! Everything changed…

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