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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By March 1, 2023Legacy News
IThe March calendar is full with wellness and education events (see below).
A summary of everything that happened in February at Legacy Sport & Wellness/SomaTraining Texas Institute is covered on the website/on-line under the Legacy News blog.


Mar. 4TH – NEW  9-9:30 am. Glutes Exercise Tutorial and Workout
                  No charge. In person and on-Line
                  Use link  to enroll:
Mar. 4th. 9:30 am  ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
               In person and on-Line
Mar. 11th 9:30 am  ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
                In person and on-Line
Mar. 18th. 9:30 am. ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
                 In person and on-Line
Mar. 25th  To Be Announced
Saturday, Mar. 4th  As part of our Education Program, Scott will teach an Exercise Tutorial and Workout from 9-9:30 am.  No Charge
     The 30-minute Tutorial is organized into 3 parts:
     Part 1:  The glute muscles and the Gravity Line
     Part 2:  The Gravity Squat and Management of the Gravity Line.
     Part 3:  Brief group workout.
     Scott will take everyone through several quick screens designed to highlight weak muscles and how to start a Home Program, immediately followed by
     a brief group workout.
     The exercise tutorial is open to everyone and will be hosted in person, and streamed on-line.  The ELDOA Group Wellness Workout will
     follow at 9:30 am.
The Recovery Center is open everyday during business hours and immediately following Saturday’s ELDOA Group Workout
Private Saunas can be scheduled with Claudia –
Our next Group Sauna Tutorial is planned for March at a date to be announced.
This tutorial is divided into two parts.
Part 1 classroom:  the science behind heart and cold stress and how it affects the systems of the body.  Part 2:  Sauna training and etiquette completed with Scott in the sauna. This includes the use of specific Essential Oils and how to Recover after a Sauna.
 If you are using the Sauna and Recovery Center on a regular basis, purchase a Sauna Card and save!  See Claudia
March 9-10.  SomaTraining Certification:  Training  the Muscles of the Lower Limb
March 11-12  SomaTraining Certification.  The Squat – How to Organize a Global Movement and Posturology
Course specifics and enrollment can be found on the website.
New this month:  Look for the SomaTexas Institute email and blog on the website.  Content includes topics specific to school coursework.

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