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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

May Workout Calendar

Saturday, May 6. 9:30 am ELDOA Wellness Workout
May 13 9:30 am ELDOA Wellness Workout
     Remember, you can purchase a Class Card and save money on the price of each workout.

May 20 Schedule to be Announced due to SomaTraining Texas Certification Course
May 27 To Be Announced
Legacy’s Calendar of Events
     EDUCATION:  we are starting the Schools up again – ELDOA, SomaTraining and SomaTherapy.
May 19-20:  Circulation & Respiratory Gymnastics SomaTraining Certification
May 20:  Sauna SomaTraining Certification
     For our local clients who have wanted to take the Sauna Tutorial, this 5-hour course is a great way to solidify your personal Sauna Program.
     Scott has a new wrinkle for this one…some cold therapy!
June 1-4:  ELDOA Level 1&2 Combination Certification Course
     The ELDOA postures for the Spine and a must if you need ELDOA General for your SomaTraining Diploma.  This course will count
     for that and for an ELDOA Comprehensive Certification.
July 6-7 FN of the Upper Limb.  SomaTherapy
July 8-9 2TLS of the Upper Limb.  SomaTherapy
July 29 through August 4. SUMMER SCHOOL
     This will be a mix of Training and Therapy Courses with the possibility of an ELDOA Certification Course at the end.
      Details will be sent out.
Recovery Center & Dry Sauna
The Sauna use has increased, much to our delight.
Max Domi – three assists on the four goals scored in the first game of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs – is a regular Sauna user.
See above for the May 21 Sauna Certification Course.
Legacy News
We have two Instagram accounts:  legacyeldoa and somatrainingtexasinstitute
Posts are often things you won’t see on Facebook or any other social media.
Look for Saving the Bees in the next week!

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