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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By April 27, 2023Legacy News
April 29th. 9-9:30 am.    Scott Tutorial on Abdominal Strengthening.   (N0 fee)
April 29th  9:30-10:30 am.    ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
    If you enroll for the ELDOA on-line, you will be sent the link to join the Tutorial
SomaTraining School
May 19-20.    Certification Course Circulatory & Respiratory
May 20.    Certification Sauna
               We invite our local clients to enroll for this course.  The information is invaluable and increases the efficacy of your
               personal Sauna Program
ELDOA School of Training 
June 1-4.   Certification Course ELDOA Level 1&2 Combination
              This course teaches the ELDOA postures of the spine from C2 to S1.  It’s a must for those students who want to become
              Certified ELDOA Trainers.  Clients benefit from enrollment in many ways:  knowledge of the Education Paradigm of
              Guy VOYER, DO, Founder, Techno-methodology of each Posture,  Anatomy of the Spine…and that’s just the tip of the
Legacy News
Dallas Stars head out for Game 6 in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoff hunt.
Max Domi  is on the plan with a package of home cooked food from Chef Corey Schiller.
Our Instagram account has a great clip of the Stanley Cup ELDOA Party Legacy hosted when Cleo Bates got to bring the Cup to Dallas
after the Washington Capitals won.  Who could forget that party!

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