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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By April 5, 2023Legacy News

April Workout Schedule

April 8.  9:30-10:30 am ELDOA Group Wellness Workout
April 15. To Be Announced
April 22. NO WORKOUT
April 29. To Be Announced
April Calendar of Events

This month we plan to offer an Exercise Tutorial as part of a Saturday Group Wellness Workout.
The subject  and date have yet to be determined.
SomaTraining Texas travels to Covington, LA and Natural Movement Solutions for two Certification Courses:  Abdominal Training and Myofascial Stretching.
In May, the School in Dallas is hosting a number of courses, one being the one-day Sauna Practical.
The Sauna Practical is a great course in which to enroll and participate.  In addition to teaching how to use dry Sauna safely, the course discusses the longevity benefits of regular sauna use, how to use sauna for post workout recovery, sauna use for pain, for kidney function, the benefits of drinking water and the science of mineral water and the importance of cardio-respiratory physiology.
Recovery Center & Dry Sauna
With the arrival of nicer weather, post Sauna Recovery can be done outside in the Recovery area or inside.
The Sauna is open every day.  If you don’t have a scheduled appointment with Scott or Cleo and would like to use the sauna, message me in the Business Office.
Sauna Cards are on sale, purchased in blocks of 5 or 10 sauna sessions.  Available in the Business Office.
If you aren’t able to take the Sauna tutorial, but would like to do so at a different time, speak with me about organizing your own private or semi-private two-hour sauna and recovery center session.
The Cardiovascular Center
Regular cardiovascular training has many benefits, but a person’s individual cardiovascular program should be designed to align with the person’s goals.
The combination of cardiovascular training and dry sauna use provides prodigious results.
Legacy News
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