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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

By March 10, 2023Legacy News
Good afternoon.  We hope this email finds everyone doing well.
The School, SomaTraining Texas Institute, is in session this week, beginning Thursday, March 9th at noon:  Strengthening of the Lower Limb, which runs through Friday afternoon;  and Saturday morning, following the ELDOA Workout, School continues with the Squat course, which runs through Sunday afternoon.
The Center will be open and all facilities are available.  For other important and timely news, please see the calendars listed below.

March Workout Calender

Mar. 11th.  9:30 am ELDOA Wellness Group Workout. 
Mar. 18th. 9:30 am. ELDOA Wellness Group Workout
Mar. 25th  9:30 am To Be Announced  (Possible Semi-Private Group Workout)
March Calendar of Events
Education:  SomaTraining Texas Institute
Mar. 9-10  Certification Course:  Strengthening of the Lower Limb
                  11:30 am. Registration – Waivers and Manuals
                   Noon.      Course Begins
                   9:00 pm.  Day one ends
Mar. 11-12. Certification Course:  The Squat and Posturology
                  11:30 am  Registration – Waiver and Manuals
                   Noon.      Course Begins
                   9:00 pm.  Day one ends
Both of these Courses would be good for clients who would like to learn how to strengthen the  muscles of the lower body or want to learn how to squat properly.
Recovery Center & Dry Sauna
The Recovery Center and Dry Sauna is open every day during business hours..  If you want to sauna, please let me know:
Legacy will schedule a Client Sauna Tutorial in March (two hours), date to be announced.
NEW: Quick Start Sauna Tutorial.  For more information, contact Claudia.
Clients now have three options to begin a regular Sauna and Recover Program:  Quick Start, Client Sauna Tutorial (two hours), the one-day Sauna Intensive Course.
You can book a Private Guided Sauna Session with Claudia or Scott.  Instructor fees apply.
Immediately following the Saturday Group workout session, the Sauna will be open for client use.
Make your Saturday trip down to Legacy complete by enrolling in the ELDOA Group Workout, followed immediately by the Recovery Center using the Dry Sauna.
Sauna Cards can be purchased in the Business Office – a great way to SAVE on your Sauna Program.
Legacy News
Legacy’s own, Solomon Thomas, of the New York Jets, and Dak Prescott, of the Dallas Cowboys have teamed up to raise mental health awareness. Solomon was a nominee for the Walter Payton award during this last Super Bowl and is an every day regular at Legacy and a big beliiever in the Soma-ELDOA training.
Last weekend, the Center offered a new Exercise Tutorial  and it was well attended both in person and on-line.  If you missed this Tutorial, two topics were discussed:  the glute medius exercise and the Gravity Line Squat.
The Center offers these complimentary Exercise Tutorials for clients attending the Saturday morning workouts and the purpose in doing so is to teach people how to use better technique and improve their exercise selection.   The feedback we have received since restarting the Tutorials has been positive and most clients say that they have added these exercises in their Home Program, seeing almost immediate success.
If you missed one or more of these Tutorials, but would like to schedule time to go through them with Scott, you can do so.
    There is no charge for an Exercise Tutorial if you register for the ELDOA Group Wellness Workout that same morning.
     When you register for the ELDOA Workout on-line, your email is used to send you the link for the on-line Tutorial.
Then  the ELDOA Workout, with some first-time participants.  Onc of our clients brought her grandmother, who was visiting from Canada.
Full house and a great class for those who attended.   Purchase a Class Card and SAVE on the price per class, whether exercising in person or on-
Look for an upcoming Tutorial and Group Exercise class that will be taught by Scott in the Gym – Open Gym.
Saturday, weather permitting, Diego will be at the Center to wash your car while you exercise.  Please contact me to request a wash.  Fee $30.00

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