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Legacy’s Calendar of Events & Invite to Workout

By February 4, 2023Legacy News

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone!

The months of January and February are filled with Client Immersions, Education Courses for clients and Students enrolled in our School, SomaTraining Texas, and new ways to participate in our Legacy community.

The Business Office plans to send at minimum two weekly calendar emails – Wednesday will be the first email of the week and Friday will be a reminder or summary of Wednesday’s content.  The email content will include pertinent information specific to events taking place at the Center each week, with subject matter organized in sections within the email.


Saturday: 1/7: 9:30 am  ELDOA Group Workout – NEW FORMAT one hour

Link to Register:

*** EXERCISE TUTORIAL:  1/7 at 9:00 AM 

Scott will teach a 25 minute Tutorial specific to Saturday’s 9:30 Group Workout

Topic: The Importance of a Warm-Up and a Demonstration of the General ELDOA Exercise when used in a group setting as a warm-up.

The Exercise Tutorial is a new feature the Center added in 2023. The Tutorial will be done in the “learn by doing” format, because it is both in person and on-line.  We will have the opportunity to practice the technique discussed in the tutorial with coaching points offered.  There is no fee for the Tutorial.

Group Exercise Cards are available for purchase at the 2022 rate through Jan. 8th.

If you plan to attend, log in or arrive promptly at 9:00 am.

OPEN SAUNA:  Jan. 7th, 10:45 – 1:30

Saturday, 1/14:  No Group Class

Saturday, 1/21, 9:30 am:  Semi-Private Group Session – Circulatory and Respiratory Exercises with Myofascial Stretching – one hour.

***Client Sauna Tutorial:  10:45 to 12:45. This is a two-hour combination of classroom and sauna training guided by Scott and Claudia.

Fee:  $150.00

Saturday, 1/28, 9:30 am:  Group Myofascial Stretching Workout

10:45-11:30. Organic Breakfast provided by Chef Corey and The Training table


If you are new to Legacy Sport & Wellness Center or have recently joined our email list, last Spring we completed a customized Dry Sauna and the first phase of our Recovery Center.  If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of using a dry Sauna, we invite you to enroll in our client Sauna Tutorial (see above) or read the article below from USA Today.


Additional Dry Sauna benefits include reduction in joint pain, enhanced blood flow post workout, improved circulation and cardiovascular benefits, improved blood pressure, reduction in mental stress, improved sense of well-being.  All these topics, and more, are covered in our Sauna Tutorial.

In addition to Legacy’s Sauna – Client Tutorial, the Center offers private and group sauna sessions every week.  Group sessions we call “Open Sauna” and they can be found on our monthly calendar and private sessions can be scheduled directly through the Business Office.

Through Jan 8th., 2022 fees apply.

Jan.4 the Sauna will not open until 1:00 pm.

The Training Table is an integral part of the Recovery Center and Legacy’s Model.  You build your body with what you eat, and the quality of your tissue is in direct relationship to the quality of the food you put in your body, regular water intake and the amount of stress in your life. Equally important, is your diet right for you and is your body able to absorb the nutrients that you put into it?

The Water Bar:  not new, but perhaps overlooked, is the Legacy Water Bar.Nature’s first medicine is water and, like medication, not all waters are the same.  Our Water Bar consists of a core group of select waters, local and from around the world, in addition to event specific waters with special mineral content.  For example, Vichy water is an excellent water after an intensive lactate workout session.

New Service: Scott and Claudia plan to provide coaching and educational information specific to diet and lifestyle in three new formats:  one on one in person coaching, small group workshops, or on-line consultations.


Our clients benefit from our Private Gym and Cardiovascular Center.  Many of the customized exercises that are part of client Home Programs require the use of this type of equipment.  We offer Open Gym sessions throughout the month and clients can schedule their private gym time through the Business Office.

The Cardiovascular Center:  everyone can benefit from a cardiovascular program, but not everyone needs the same type of program.  At the Legacy cardio center, we design a customized cardiovascular program for our community.  The research shows that a  cardiovascular program combined with a regular dry sauna program can yield better results than a cardiovascular program alone.


Book time with Claudia to learn the benefits of Essential Oils and ask about a Customized Aromatherapy Formula to address a physical or emotional difficulty.


Our School reopens Jan.9 in Washington DC with a workshop hosted for select members of the Washington Nationals baseball staff.

Jan 27-29th, Myofascial Stretching (three day) Certification Course hosted in Dallas

This course is one of 15 in the SomaTraining Diploma program.  Clients at Legacy Sport & Wellness are welcome to enroll.

Enroll before Jan. 17th and save. 


Additional educational courses may be found in the link below.



It’s no secret that many professional sporting organizations, including the US Military, consult with our Center with respect to information specific to wellness and sports performance.  If you are unfamiliar with our unique approach, the following is a summary.

     Clients that have the best long-tern results:

     1. Get a customized home program.

     2..They do their home program consistently.

     3. They receive coaching with respect to the quality of their exercises, in the form of private sessions and semi-private and group classes.

     4. Clients utilize the Recovery Center.

     5. Clients regularly reassess and update their  home programs.

     “You are your own best therapist.”

Client Intensive/Immersions are booked by our out-of-town clients, and elite amateur and professional athletes that visit the Center for training, camp, and post-surgical rehabilitation.  Their stay at Legacy may range from one day, one week, or an extended block of time.   During this time, they receive Home Programs, Training and Treatment, food from our Chef, Sauna Sessions, soft tissue work, and Essential Oils formulas.

In-town and local clients can benefit from this immersive format.  

To learn more or schedule your customized immersion, contact me at the Business Office.

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