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Legacy Sporting News: Concussions

We’ve posted on this topic quite a bit in the past. As a parent or athlete, this is what you need to understand: a concussion is a trauma – a trauma to the head. A neck or jaw injury might also be involved, but it is a trauma to the head. There is no accurate imaging as of yet to see if you’ve had a concussion. You cannot see it on imaging, and there is not too much you can do to prevent having one. So if you play sports with high speeds, contact, or moving objects, accept that it is part of the game. That being said, if you use the ELDOA exercises for the spine with the proprioception exercises for the cervical region you can engram the movements to your brain, so that WHEN you do have a concussion, you can begin to do the exercises at a higher level because you have a memory of the movement rather than starting from scratch. We try to explain this to strength coaches and head coaches but it typically falls on deaf ears. It takes very little time to add 2-4 ELDOA exercises to a daily performance program whether you play girls volleyball or college football.


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