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Legacy Lecture Series: Why Isn’t My Brain Working? Part 2

By April 13, 2013December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Dr. Chris Caffery spoke to a large group on April 11, 2013, about the link between brain function and how we feed our bodies.

Some  great take-aways from his talk:

1.  A concussion creates leaky guy syndrome via the vagus nerve damage during head trauma.

2.  A gut on fire means a brain on fire.  42% of Crohn’s patients have lesions like MS lesions.  46% of Ulcerative Colitis patients have MS-like lesions.

3.  Gluten has changed in the last 50 years…hybridization, GMO and deamidation (gluten in grains have moved from being alcohol soluble to water soluble, making it much more reactive in the body.)  This “new food compound” often creates gut inflammation which means brain inflammation.

One Comment

  • For years now we have been telling athletes, clients and people attending lectures @ Legacy Center that “grains in the United States are not the same type of grain in other parts of the world. David Getoff speaks about this extensively in his lectures and programming. With an international client-base of business executives and professional athletes this came as no surprise and the following statement summarizes dozens and dozens of conversations we’ve had at the Center in Dallas-

    “When I’m in Europe or South America I have no problems with digestion, but when I come to the states I notice some issues.”

    The simple answer is to STOP Eating GRAINS In the United States… regardless if you have a gluten problem or condition! For more information on this topic visit our resources page for gluten-gliaden and all that it entails, search or blog/posts archives , or visit the Training Table facebook page at the bottom of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s homepage.

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