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Legacy Center Calendar of Events & Invite to Workouts

Hello and Happy New Year! For our friends and followers in the Northern latitudes, we hope everyone made it through the epic snow storm safely and that you have power.

Important Legacy News for this week:

Saturday, December 31st:  no classes or Semi-Privates

Happy New Year!

Group Exercise Classes resume Saturday, Jan. 7th at 9:30 am in the NEW FORMAT.

ELDOA Group Wellness workout is now one hour as opposed to 45 minutes.

New Fee:   Group Wellness Workout Fees will be $35.00 per class with a Class Card.

Drop In Fees = $45.00

Through January 8, 2023, Class Cards Packages are available for purchase in blocks of 5, 10, or 20 Workouts at $18.00 per workout..  In eShop on the website, these cards can be used in 2023

Link to register and pay.

January Class Calendar

Saturday, January 21st:  ELDOA Wellness Workout. 9:30 to 10:30 am

***Saturday, January 28th:  9:30 am – This will be a Myofascial Stretching Workout.

SomaTraining Texas Education News 

SomaTraining Texas Institute, Legacy’s Education Center, reopens January 9, 10, 11 with a workshop in Washington, DC and the Washington Nationals Baseball staff.  Both the Nationals and the Washington Capitals Hockey Club have implemented different aspects of SomaTraining and ELDOA that we use with our clients in Dallas.

January 27-29th:  Myofascial Stretching (three-day format)

Clients and athletes interested in learning more about Myofasial Stretching, it’s benefits, and how it compliments the ELDOA exercises, are welcome to enroll.

This course is part of the SomaTraining Diploma Curriculum; however, clients of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center are welcome to enroll. Enroll in the course before January 17th and save.

On February 25th, the School is hosting ELDOA 1, The Most Frequently Used ELDOA Exercises.  This one day course begins at noon, after the morning workout, and for clients who have an interest in a deeper understanding of the ELDOA, you are welcome to enroll.

Additional SomaTraining/SomaTherapy Educational Courses can be found on the Legacy website via the link below.

Sauna Tutorial and Recovery Center News

The Center plans to offer a two hour Sauna Tutorial for clients one Saturday in January.  The date will be announced.

Client Sauna Tutorial is a little less than two hours, which includes a thirty minute classroom session followed by supervised rounds in the sauna.

Key benefits of regular sauna use include improved cardiovascular function, decrease in blood pressure, post workout recovery, and all the benefits from sweating.  

Other workshop topics include how to begin a sauna practice, use of Essential Oils in the sauna, the importance of drinking water and what type, ideal postures for sauna use, and much more.

Client tutorials are limited to six in number.  If you are interested in this tutorial, notify Claudia at the Center.  If you are unable to attend the January tutorial, we will host Open Sauna sessions where clients can save.  As always you can book private sessions at the Business Office.


Our tutorial covers these points and much, much more.

Sauna Cards can be purchased in groups of 5, 10, 15 or 20 at 2022 Rates.  January 8th, the fees increase.

The Recovery Center is open during Business Hours.

Scott’s Working Calendar

With the School reopening and the number of courses scheduled on the weekends,, as well as a number of client Intensives scheduled at the Center, Scott’s appointment calendar and business hours will fluctuate during the first quarter of 2023.

Client Member News

As mentioned in last week’s Newsletter,  Solomon Thomas – #94, defensive lineman for the NY Jets – was recognized as the NY Jets nominee for the Walter Payton award.  The winner of this award will be announced on the eve of the Super Bowl.

Soloman jumbotron photo:

Solomon/s Foundation:

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