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July 4, 2018

This blog reflects my thoughts only and should not be attributed to any other person or entity.

I binge-watched The Vietnam War, by Ken Burns, finishing episode 10 last night.

The series is excellent.  Everyone should watch.

There were a few parallels to what I see going on today in America:  “fake news” being disseminated  from those in office…clashes in American cities between two disparate ideologies…disparaging rhetoric being hurled at fellow Americans over differences of opinion.   I didn’t feel despair then, but I do in present times.

Neither then nor now will it be enough to sit on the sidelines, to only ‘like’ a post or respond to one in scathing terms, to pray things will work out.  ‘Work out’ looks very different from one person to another.

All I do know is that today’s American doesn’t look like an America I know and I am disheartened by the conflict, by what I view as giant steps into the dark ages, by a loss of dignity and morality.  Our country has survived much since its inception and my hope is that it will survive these times.

Happy 4th of July…may the banner yet wave.

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