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By January 10, 2014December 9th, 2014Legacy Sport & Wellness Blog

Back CameraEverybody is doing it!  But should they be?

Juicing does have its benefits.  There is a downside, however.  Juicing cuts out the fiber and fiber (heart-healthy and gut-friendly) is what reduces the blood sugar/insulin response your body has to all the natural sugars in freshly juiced fruits.  The skin of fruits and vegetables, as well as the pulp, is where the nutrients are.  Juicing negates this benefit.  Additionally, there are no proteins or fats in juices and our bodies need this for tissue repair and maintainance as well as fuel for the brain.  Juice alone is not filling enough for most folks so people who juice usually eat the same amount of food in addition to taking in the high caloric fruit juices.

Make a better choice by creating a smoothie.  Adding a good, sugar-free, full-fat yogurt, raw nut butters, or coconut oil in addition to a high quality protein powder can make for a balanced meal.  The protein and fiber will keep you full longer and the benefits of the fiber and protein will have your body thanking you!

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