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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News

Saturday, May 13.   8:30 – 8:45 am    TUTORIAL. Benefits of Circulatory Exercises and Training.  No charge.
                                8:45 – 9:30 am     Circulatory Workout.   No charge if you are enrolled in the morning ELDOA workout
                                9:30 -10;30 am    ELDOA Wellness Workout
     If you enroll for the ELDOA class, you will be sent the link to join Zoom for the 8:30 and 8:45 am events.
May 20-21:  Special Workouts and Times To Be Announced
May 27.  To Be Determined
June 2-3-4  Special Workout Calendar Time To Be Announced
Purchase a Group Class Workout Card and save on monthly group exercise sessions.  This is good for in person and 0n-line exercise classes.
Saturday, May 13. Scott is teaching a brief Tutorial on the benefits of Circulatory Exercises for all populations:  wellness, circulatory disorders  (for example, varicose veins), poor circulatory function, lymphatic drainage, and active recovery for athletes.
Following this group tutorial, Scott will teach a 40-minute Circulatory workout, for no charge.
In the Legacy paradigm, Scott recommends that each person use the Circulatory exercises, at minimum one time per week, in conjunction with cardiovascular training and dry sauna.
If you have a specific circulatory ailment, you will need a different program.
The  weekend of May 19-21, as part of the SomaTraining Program, the School will host a two-day Comprehensive Certification Course specific to  the Circulatory and Respiratory  exercises, in combination with the one-day Sauna Course.  Clients are welcome to enroll in these courses and learn the many benefits of these exercise techniques..
If you cannot attend either the Tutorial or the Certification, you can schedule time to have a custom designed Circulatory workout.
The one-day comprehensive Sauna Course is scheduled for Sunday, May 21, and clients may enroll.
This course will run approximately 5 hours and includes class time and supervised sauna training.
Look for additional group workouts to be added to the calendar during that weekend.
EDUCATION;  SomaTraining Texas Institute
     Summer School is scheduled at the end of July.  Dates are July 29 through August 5.
The Lifestyle and Recovery Center has been reorganized in such a way to better service the clients who visit the Center and our community members.  Our store, the Training Table, has new lifestyle products and the Cardiovascular Training Center is in the process of upgrading its tools to better support client programs of all levels:  athletes, wellness, cardiac events.
In the near future, we plan to expand the subject matter of the Tutorials into topics other than exercise techniques.  Additionally, the Tutorials will be on video, saved, and uploaded to our Wellness TV channel for community members and others to watch.
The Dry Sauna is open all day and every day that staff is on the premises.  The Recovery Area is located outside on the patio, but with the spring rain, we have a dedicated indoor recovery area as well so your sauna training will not be affected.
The Recovery Center has updated the client “Sauna Chart” so that one can  chart their progress from beginner to expert over the course of 20 weeks.  To learn more about the chart, the benefits of sauna, and the recovery center, we invite you to enroll in either the two-hour Tutorial or the comprehensive one-day sauna Certification.
Everyone can benefit from regular heat exposure.
April and May are busy months for clients and athletes traveling to Dallas to use the Center and have personal programs designed for them and to become a member of the Legacy Sport & Wellness community.
If you miss a weekly email, we now post each one on the website, under the tab “News, Blogs, & Media.
Members of the Legacy community are in the news this week:
     Ben Crane   is competing in the Byron Nelson golf tournament and Max Domi had a two goal night (with one assist for three points) in last night’s Stanley Cup Playoff game.
     Max and the Stars are back in town today, and Soloman Thomas/NY Jets is visiting for a quick tune up.

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