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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News July 18, 2022

July Exercise Calendar

July 22 – 9:30 am ELDOA Wellness Workout

Sorry – NO ON-LINE


July 29 – 9:30 am ELDOA Group Workout

On-line class to be determined; we will notify.



Client Education:  If you enjoyed the exercise Tutorials this past Spring, you can expect to see more of those, live, in-person and newly recorded and posted in the Legacy eShop.

Athlete Education  If you are a professional athlete, team or organization, or an amateur athlete, you can anticipate live programming and educational Tutorials specific to human performance, return to plan and recovery.

Student Education:  If you have been Certified at any ELDOA Level 1-4, please check for your name and contact information.

If you are not listed or need to correct your contact information, please notify us at We are in transition from one admin entity to another and it has been a complicated process.


COLD BATH – New Addition has arrived

Our plan is to have available for use by Summer School

DRY SAUNA – August 4 from 5-9:30 pm, Scott will be Teaching a Sauna Certification Course

Only ONE spot left…so enroll to join.

Some classroom lecture and then a supervised Sauna training.



Legacy has started planning for SUMMER SCHOOL, July29 through August 6.

We invite our local clientele to become students!



INSTAGRAM. Somatraintexasinstitute has been hacked.

We are still working to rectify this.  In the meantime, don’t be fooled or drawn into this scam…we apologize.  Grrrr – so annoying.

On a happier note…

Scott has a birthday coming up:  July 20th so shout out if you are so inclined.   We will have CAKE on the 22nd after ELDOA!

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