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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News January 5, 2024

Legacy News

This is the LAST CHANCE to sign up for the upcoming Eldoa Level 4 Theory Online with Guy Voyer! This is something you won’t want to miss!

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Invite to Classes January

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January 6: 9:00 am
Tutorial – Introduction to Myo-fascial Stretching (MFS): No fee

January 6: 9:30 am
MFS Group Workout

January 6: 10:30 am
Chef Corey Breakfast
Fee: $30.00

January 13: No Group Workout

January 20: To be determined

January 27: ELDOA Classic Group Workout. 9:30 am

Purchase a Class Card and SAVE on Saturday Workouts.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Members Workouts to be scheduled and announced.

Wellness News

It was HOT Tonight in the Sauna Course, Just like we like it!

This evening, Friday, January 5 at 5:00 pm, Legacy hosted the four-hour Sauna Education Certification Course that is part of our Lifestyle Program and SomaTraining Texas Institute.

If you missed it, Stay on the lookout for the next Sauna Course!

January 1 Legacy Sport & Wellness hosted the Dry Sauna and Cold Immersion 2024 Kickoff Event.

For several hours, clients enjoyed an early afternoon combination of Dry Sauna and Cold Tub Immersion. This type of CONTRAST Training left everyone feeling fantastic and motivated to go about the rest of their day.

Other News

In 2024, Tutorials will expand beyond exercise to include lifestyle, nutrition, and more.

On-line Tutorials will be offered again and expanded into topics beyond exercise, but in alignment with Legacy’s three pillars.

Tutorials and lectures about How Your Body Works will be on-line in our Education Center and streamed live on Instagram in 2024.


If you have a Home Program, in 2024 you can purchase a Gym Pass with “X” mount of sessions on the pass

In 2024, in addition to our Exercise Tutorials in-house and on-line, Legacy plans to restart our LIFESTYLE AND RECOVERY lecture series, including complimentary tutorials.

Follow our weekly Newsletter and become a member on our website.

Education, SomaTraining Texas Institute & ELDOA

Legacy is hosting a Winter School for students and Practitioners who want to increase knowledge and proficiency. We always encourage our local clients to enroll in a course that is part of their individual wellness/fitness program.

Enrollment is now posted in the eShop tab on our website:

Courses include Pumping of the Upper Limb and TMJ on Jan. 4-5

Sauna on Jan. 5 4:30-9:00 pm

Myo-fascial Stretching on Jan. 6-7 (two days)


Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning.


For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.


The SomaTraining/Therapy schedule for 2024 will be announced soon.  Courses are scheduled to begin in February.


If you missed any Legacy Newsletters, they are posted on Legacy’s website under the tab ‘Legacy News’.

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