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Invite to Exercise & Legacy News January 25, 2024

Greetings to all the members of our community…our regular followers and our new ones. If you are new to our Newsletter, each week – typically on a Wednesday – we send out the Legacy News and Invite to Workout email. Friday we resend the Newsletter as a reminder for the weekend’s events and news. If you haven’t registered on our website, we invite you to do so to insure that your email will be added directly to our community and our master email list. Sign Up Here


Our Newsletter format begins with an introduction, which gives a broad overview of the content in each section of the Newsletter, and brings attention to timely news and events in one or more of our regular Newsletter sections.

The sections are organized as follows: Exercise & Training News/Monthly Exercise Calendar.

In this section we list the dates of Group and Semi-Private Workout Classes for the month, and provide links to Class Card savings and special events such as new exercise Tutorials. Additionally, we will announce live stream workouts and dates.

The next section is Wellness News. This section of the Newsletter discusses topics and events that pertain to Legacy’s Wellness Program and our Wellness Community members.

Sports Performance News: We have a large following of elite amateur and professional athletes that use our exercise and training principles. The goals of an athlete are not the same as a wellness client. From time to time, we highlight and share stories about the members of our sports community.

The next section is Lifestyle & Recovery Center. This section covers a wide variety of topics which include information about food and farming, water, supplements, lifestyle organization, and the benefits of using thermal stress via dry sauna and cold immersion, breath work and recovery. Additionally we discuss active exercise techniques and modalities that can aid in one’s recovery from a stressful week of travel or gym workout. For example, circulatory and respiratory gymnastics (exercises). Within this section, we have a sub-section we call the Training Table, which covers topics such as cooking, shopping, and nutrition.

The final section in our Newsletter is titled Education News. Here we cover educational news specific to clients, and all the course work offered in our School, SomaTraining Texas Institute – ELDOA, SomaTraining, SomaTherapy and Legacy’s Professional Development.

We organize our Newsletter in such a way that the sections support the Foundational Pillars of our company – Exercise & Training, Lifestyle & Nutrition, Education and the importance of a well-organized plan for self-care.

Generally speaking, the section content is brief; however, in the future, our intent is to expand on the topics in the Newsletter either on our website or through other mediums, such as pre-recorded or live stream video.

Legacy News

January Calendar: Exercise & Training Information:

January 27: Open Gym 8:45 to 9:30 am

No charge

January 27: ELDOA Classic Group Workout. 9:30 am

Purchase a Class Card and SAVE on Saturday Workouts.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Member Workouts to be scheduled and announced.

February Schedule to be determined.



If you have a Home Program, Sauna Card or a Group Class Card, you can drop in and workout in our Gym for $15.00.

Without a card, the fee is $25.00.

Wellness News

Food quality, farming and where your food comes from are very important aspects in the work that we do. The article below discusses protests by French farmers and government policy that affect the cost of food, farming, and ultimately the quality of the food people eat.

You build your body with what you eat!

Link to Article

Sports and Performance News

The NHL All-Star Game is approaching and one member from our community has been voted to the team. We can’t reveal who this is just yet, but stay tuned to the Newsletter to find out!

Lifestyle & Recovery Center

The cold snap is over and the outdoor shower and Cold Plunge are up and running

A shipment of waters from around the world was delivered Jan. 19th. Pick up a Legacy Six-Pack of assorted waters or, better yet, get several cases from our Store.

The Legacy Water Bar has a new water to try: Fiuggi natural spring water and sparkling water, both bottled at the Fiuggi source in Italy.

Education News

In March, Legacy plans to host en ELDOA 1&2 Combination Certification Course. Dates to be finalized.

The SomaTraining/Therapy schedule for 2024 will be announced soon.  Courses are scheduled to begin in March

The 2024 Education calendar for SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and the ELDOA is being finalized. Certification Courses are scheduled to begin in February, New for Scott’s Teaching Calendar: ELDOA Level 1&2 Combination, ELDOA Level 4 – Trainer Certification Practical (April-May dates to be announced), Sauna Certification Course, Cardiovascular and Conditioning Practical, ELDOA Level 3, Summer School Intensive, and ELDOA Level 4 in the fall of 2024.

Other SomaTherapy Courses are being finalized and will be added to Scott’s Teaching Calendar on the Legacy website soon.

If you have Course requests, email them to Claudia in the Business Office:


ELDOA Trainer Level 4 Certification will be hosted in Dallas Spring of 2024.


In addition to Level 4, Dallas will host an ELDOA Level 2, and ELDOA Level 3 this Summer and possibly a second ELDOA Level 4 in the Fall of 2024. All of these courses will be hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness and taught by Scott.

If you are an Instructor Candidate looking to assist a course, contact Claudia in the Business Office to be put on the list.

We would like to host a combination of ELDOA Level 1 (in the one-day format) combined with an Introduction to Myo-fascial Stretching very soon.

We ask all ELDOA Practitioners to visit the official ELDOA website – – to make sure your contact information is accurate.

This was posted on our Instagram account and we have heard from several Student Practitioners. Thanks!

The way Legacy has our School set up in Dallas allows for Students to travel from all parts of the country for training and continuing education, while at the same time creating the opportunity to invest some of their personal time in their self-care using our Gym and Lifestyle-Recovery Center. We believe that this one-two combination can’t be beaten and we invite you to enroll in a course with us in 2024.

Client Education News

The next Sauna Tutorial and Workshop will be offered in February. Space is limited to 8 people. If you are interested in learning more about the Dry Sauna, the benefits of sweating, how to start a cold immersion safely, the cardiovascular benefits of starting a Sauna Practice, contact Claudia in the Business Office to put your name on the list to enroll in this four-hour Tutorial.



In addition to the Sauna course, look for more educational events and tutorials for clients in the coming months at Legacy Sport & Wellness.

If you are from out of town, but would like to participate in our wellness educational series, consider scheduling a Wellness Immersion in Dallas and combine it with an educational workshop while you are here.

Coming Soon:  The Professional Development Series:  live workshops, homework lessons, and remote learning for Student Practitioners enrolled in the SomaTraining, SomaTherapy, and/or ELDOA Comprehensive Program..

For more information, contact Claudia in the Business Office.

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